OXCGN’s Remember Me Review- Unforgettable or a bad memory?


"Most games at the end of a console cycle tend to be sequels, re-boots, or so similar to something else that they may as well be one or the other.

Remember Me breaks this pattern, and although it’s not perfect, there’s a whole lot to it worth talking about."

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gaminoz1775d ago

The concept is awesome, but there seems to be issues with the platforming and combat, which is too bad.

Hope they do another one.

GameSpawn1775d ago

Watch Yahtzee's Review:

I pretty much agree with a lot of what he points out. The game had some potential but fell short by not having a more refined combat system (the combat got very repetitive to me later in the game) and the minigame which is the real draw is only used a few times (at least 2-3 more would have been nice).

In all Remember Me is not a terrible game and I'd recommend anyone at least try it (either rent or bargain bin it).

blackmanone1775d ago

Agreed on the great concept, but other than the pretty graphics, everything about that game felt like a lazy playstation era game with the wooden controls and simple platforming.

CaptainYesterday1775d ago

I guess I should wait for a price drop I was really looking forward to this game it sounded like an interesting concept.

Belgavion1775d ago

I wouldn't call it a bad memory, just a mundane one

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