Deathstroke Arkham Origins Action Figure Leaked

Well here is more good news for fans of the Arkham games, a collectible figure based on the Deathstroke character’s appearance from the new Batman Arkham Origins game has been leaked from a very discreet appearance in a magazine, unfortunately there is no information when it is due for release nor is there any specifications but only a photo of the item.

The figure looks miles better than any other collectible for Arkham Origins which is due for release

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GusHasGas1975d ago

I sure hope that this is legit. If it is, then hopefully we'll see an official reveal at SDCC.

GusHasGas1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Btw, it was confirmed that the figure is real. If you go to the link in the photo, it shows a bunch of new figures on the DC website, one of them being the Deathstroke figure. Therefore, this article is no longer relevant.

ziggurcat1974d ago

stop saying leaked because this isn't leaked. leaked implies that someone went behind someone's back to release this information before it was meant to be released.

if an image of something appears in a magazine, it's not leaked, it's been approved by the source to be shown.

JohnApocalypse1974d ago

Looks nice, I wonder how much this will cost