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What's The Best Controller Of All Time?

GR: "I say no wireless controllers because people can just walk right in front of you and have a good laugh about it. Get out of the way jackass!" (Culture, PC, PS3, Retro, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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doctorstrange  +   748d ago
All time?
The DualShock 6.
acharlez  +   748d ago
AngryTypingGuy  +   747d ago
I'd say that the greatest controller to date is the 360 controller. It fits perfectly in your hand and feels perfectly natural for most game types, maybe with the exception of fighting games because of the D-pad, its biggest flaw. No doubt that the PlayStation controllers have the best D-pad in the business.

I do think though that the DualShock 4 will soon take the crown for best controller ever though, it looks sweet.

What I don't get is Nintendo. The modern day controller for PS and Xbox is based on the design of the Super Nintendo. They got the basic design right way back then and then had to get all crazy on us (remember the Nintendo 64 and GameCube controllers?)
SolidStoner  +   747d ago
360 contr. never can be the best.. they put D-pad at totally wrong place...

they created same design as PS original controller, make it look more modern and put D-pad in different spot so it look different.. thats about it.. (you are just got used to that design fail). People can get used to everything!

you use batteries to charge it.. that's like 1990's...

good controller needs to be strong, light, easy to use and fit in your hand perfectly with good Analog sticks or other precise moving mechanics...
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Larry L  +   747d ago
My personal all-time fav when I put on my rose tinted nostalgia glasses was the Genesis 6-button. Not the bulky one that had the bigger stock Genesis style buttons, but the much smaller, sleeker one that was more comfortable and had the smaller, rounded buttons. Man, I loved that controller. It was so perfect for that time of home ports of arcade games and fighters.

Excluding nostalgia though, for me it's simple. Dual Shock 3 is the best 1st party controller of all time. Perfectly ergonomic Dual Shock design, wireless, no batteries, typical Sony build quality (aside from the original sixaxis which had the Sony button feel but was actually pretty cheap feeling for some reason, and the stick mechanisms wore out in under 2 years), and as far as I can tell, latency free analog sticks.

And on that subject, I don't care what anyone says about 360 having better sticks than the DS3.......that's BS. It was for sure true compared to the DS2 which had horrid stick latency, but people just kinda ported that fact over to DS3....when it's just not true anymore. I played Unreal Tournament 3 religiously on PS3 and 360, and 100% for sure the DS3 handles that gameplay far more tightly, and that game is one that any faults in the controller's sticks is more noticable than any other FPS on the market because of the pace. 360's sticks barely keep up with the factory speed mods, while the DS3 even handles much faster PC speed mods you can install since the PS3 version supports PC modding with no problem at all...........aside from your brains own ability to keep up at those speeds, LOL.
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LonDonE  +   747d ago
GAME CUBE WAVE BIRD!!! and now the wii u pro controller, its a 360 controller, but with a better d-pad, which is the 360 pad biggest flaw, i wish nintendo made the game cube wave bird again, but with proper dual analogue sticks,and fully rechargeable like the wii u pro controller or PS3 dual shock, (hate using standard aa batteries LOL AT 360 USERS)and like the game cube wii u concept pad, google gamecube concept pad pictures, and you will see a white one, with blue and white buttons, and it looks awesome!
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dbjj12088  +   748d ago
I'm from the future.
http://i.imgur.com/jCHZMeN.... (attached images isn't working)
black0o  +   748d ago
DS series
RedHawkX  +   748d ago
the dual shock 4 for the ps4 it has everything the dual shock 3 has but bigger and better then it also has added respons time, touchpad for unparalled gaming control, record button feature, motion controls and new rumble so you can have more variety in the feels of your rumble. this will be especially good for gamers who are hearing inpared. aint nothing like that variety in the rumbles to make up for the loss of hearing.
pixelsword  +   748d ago
"I say no wireless controllers because people can just walk right in front of you and have a good laugh about it. Get out of the way jackass!"

as opposed to a controller that can be yanked out while you get blasted for a bigger joke or pulled to make your console come crashing down.

Great choice.
3-4-5  +   747d ago
1.) 360
2.) Gamecube
3.) SNES
4.) XB1/PS4 ( DS4)
ArronC07  +   747d ago
You've used the DS4?
iMixMasTer872   747d ago | Spam
DVAcme  +   747d ago
The Gamecube controller was great... for games specifically designed for it. As a general-purpose controller, it's absolute crap. One of my first questions, when I hold a controller in my hand, is "Can I play Street Fighter with this?" If the answer is no, the controller automatically fails for me, and the Gamecube failed that standard SPECTACULARLY.

I think the best overall is the Dualshock 2. All subsequent(and safely assumed future) Sony controllers will be based on the DS2, and it's just an excellent controller overall. It is also the most influential controller in modern gaming, with most other controllers emulating the two-stick setup and face button arrangement. Comfortably placed buttons, the best d-pad of any controller, nice symmetry, comfortable dual analogs, plenty of buttons for plenty of functions. The DS3 is merely an extension of the DS2, with a few minor ergonomic improvements and wireless capability, but it's the same basic design. I haven't used the DS4 yet, but if the improvements and additions it has further expand an already excellent controller, I see it as the best to date too. Any and every kind of game can be comfortably played on the DS family, and that's its biggest strength, its adaptability.
PurpHerbison  +   747d ago
This is completely subjective. Anyway, The 360 controller did feel damn good in my hands. It only had two flaws and that was the DPAD and the battery pack. But overall, extremely solid. I would put the PS3 controller second. Although it has a solid dpad, the analog sticks needed to be tighter and the R2, L2 buttons were a joke. Everything else though is spot on.
jeffgoldwin  +   747d ago
Never understood how having the freedom of a battery pack was bad thing. I would never, ever by a cell phone like apple (or controller) where you have to pay a "tech" $100 to change the battery. $6 worth or energizer rechargeable batteries>$40-50 replacement controller=winning.
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DrRobotnik  +   748d ago
Well my all time would have to be the Wave bird controller. Playing animal crossing with my first wireless controller was epic. Never left the couch...or the town for that matter. Damn you Thomas Nook with your forever mortgage plan.
acharlez  +   748d ago
Loved the Wavebird as well. Such a great piece of hardware.
Starbucks_Fan  +   747d ago
Same and I have 4 of them. Great for Smash Bros parties.
dbjj12088  +   748d ago
Wavebirds still sell for relatively high numbers these days.
Badnik  +   748d ago
They're really reliable, have a good signal, have a long battery life, and they don't break too fast. I've been using my wavebird since 2004 and it's easily my favorite controller ever made.
Donnieboi  +   748d ago
Thomas Nook the crook.
dedicatedtogamers  +   748d ago
Wiimote, IMO. It's too bad that people didn't take the technology further. I would've liked to see - for example - an RPG that let's you point-and-click in the menus or even move via clicking (like a PC MMO). And I like the "arms spread" approach: nunchuck in one hand, Wiimote in the other.

But that's just, like, my opinion man.
acharlez  +   748d ago
I do love the simplicity of the Wiimote.
dbjj12088  +   748d ago
Valid, it just made my arms so tired.
acharlez  +   748d ago
Haha. True that!!
PopRocks359  +   748d ago
"But that's just, like, my opinion man."

Righteous duuuude.

I'm fairly savvy with just about any controller. The 360 controller was my favorite for a few years, but I think when it boils down to it, my all-time favorite is the GCN controller. Playing Melee and other great games with it has grown on me quite a bit. Being able to play Wii games also helped the staying power, I'd say.

Wiimote I can totally understand someone liking though. It's hard to ignore the simplicity of it and the gameplay options it offered. And you're definitely right; it most certainly is a shame it didn't go much farther than it did.
Sitdown  +   748d ago
My body, thanks Microsoft. ;-) But seriously, I remember how the third prong on the n64 controller blew people's mind.......those were the days when console design was such an art form.
dbjj12088  +   748d ago
lol, "ME. I'm the best controller."
Kevlar009  +   748d ago
No controller feels better to hold than the Wavebird, it melts right into your hand and fingers, perfect weight distribution throughout the controller.
Wni0  +   748d ago
Not the n64 thats for damn sure.
dbjj12088  +   748d ago
So I take it you're not an octopus.
NeXXXuS  +   748d ago
cyberninja  +   748d ago
Dualshock 4; it's that easy!!!
Colzer01  +   748d ago
WOW it seems you've already got your hands on PS4
acharlez  +   748d ago
I have and it's not better than the Xbox 360 or Xbox One's controller.
cyberninja  +   748d ago
Yes i did, it's that good.
psyxon  +   748d ago
um. he could've went to E3 and used the ds4?...

face, meet palm.
PurpHerbison  +   747d ago
Yeah he COULD have gone to E3, but realistically, he didn't.
No_Limit  +   748d ago
I like the N64 controller. So many innovations. Analog stick, rumble pack, and trigger button. My next favorite might be the Sega Saturn 3D Control Pad. That controller there is the grandfather of modern controller design.

But currently, my favorite is the Xbox One controller.
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BillytheBarbarian  +   748d ago
Saturn 3d pad also had a great dpad like the genesis 6 button. Best 2d fighting on earth required SEGA!
Utalkin2me  +   748d ago
Analog stick was not new with the N64. Atari done a analog stick on the 5200 that wasn't precieved to well. That was 20 years before the N64. And actually Sony released a dual analog flight stick months before the N64 controller. Which was amazing with decent, my friend had one.

And while rumble and triggers was done on PC controllers before any consoles. N64 was the first console to do rumble with starfox, but i think gameboy did something similar before. Again Trigger buttons was on PC again way before.
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Sitdown  +   748d ago
If you talking innovation, then you have to appreciate the dreamcast controller with the vmu.
badboy776  +   748d ago
PlayStation Controller.
RedHawkX  +   748d ago
yeap the dual shock 4 aka mark 4 controller with that iron man blue power core glow. the dual shock 4 is amazing.
Geezus  +   748d ago
i would say the 360 controller easily if the d-pad wasnt shi- everything else about it is perfect, therefore the SNES controller i was only a kid but i remember it fondly pretty sure it doesn't stand the test of time though
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BillytheBarbarian  +   748d ago
I want a 360 controller with a Sega dpad. Life would be perfect.
M-M  +   748d ago
The PS3 boomerang controller.
Number-Nine  +   748d ago
xbox 360 controller. ms did something right.
Gr81  +   748d ago
As its the benchmark used til this day.

Also the Wii Remote, the thing was so simple to use that it caused a gaming boom in the 7th gen, and made FPS experience even better do to the ir controls. Shame Nintendo didn't capitalize on the big fps craze though. And a bigger shame Nintendo abandoned the Wii Remote in favor of the bulky pos Gamepad.
Larry L  +   747d ago
While I get your reasoning about the SNES controller which was amazing......isn't the Sony controller exactly the same except more ergonomic and more functional, therefore better?

And I could almost guess what someone would say in reply to that which would be "Sony just ripped off Nintendo's design.", and while I also understand that reasoning........it's wrong......because of the circumstances. That controller was designed by Sony AND Nintendo together and was originally supposed to be for the Sony/Nintendo system. Sony kinda got stuck with that controller design and Nintendo abandoned it instead for the N64 design. Sony then went on to make that controller design better with the Dual Shock, which was all Sony.

I hope I don't sound like a fanboy with that controller rant. I was almost an adult in those days and those are the facts as I remember them. I'm just not a fan of revisionist history.
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Gr81  +   747d ago
I don't think I displayed any revisionist history in my post at all.

As for Sony doing it better, I'd have to disagree. I was never a fan of PS' controllers the D-Pad was atrocious, and quite uncomfortable for those with bigger hands than the average woman. Also, double L & R triggers seems a bit much.

I still think SNES controller is the OG.
kirbyu  +   748d ago
It all really depends what game you're playing.

But I think I'd have to say Wii U gamepad due to the off TV play.
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Campy da Camper  +   748d ago
I agree. That is such an awesome feature.
Qrphe  +   748d ago
Who cares, nothing constructive comes out of these articles, just more fanboy wars.
AceBlazer13  +   747d ago
first article i read where ppl actually voiced there opinions and didn't just bash others irrationaly
sentury111  +   748d ago
The xbox controller is my favorite. My only disappointment with it is the D-pad, but most games I play only use it for selecting items, and it does a fine job there. I probably would use it more if it was better though.
SkullBlade169  +   748d ago
MegaDrive controller ftw.
JonnyBigBoss  +   748d ago
The original DualShock... for its time.
sega dreamcast controller for me.
Concertoine  +   748d ago
Wavebird, the wii u pro controller, dreamcast or xbox 360 controller :) i like weight on my controllers.
The_Truth_24_7  +   748d ago
DS4 hands down.
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PigPen  +   748d ago
DS4 Hands up.

I just don't see it, DS4 as the best controller.
Hicken  +   747d ago
You wouldn't, honestly.
solidjun5  +   746d ago
It's all subjective. However, it's SONy and you're just a troll Pig Pen, so I don't put any value to anything you write .
cunnilumpkin  +   748d ago
keyboard and mouse pwns all!!!

by far best for shooters, rts, mmo, turn based strategy and top down arpgs

for action platformers, and third person games either the xbox360 or ps3 controller are tied, both very excellent controllers

ps4 and xbox1 look good but since I have never used them I cannot say

the wii u pad is a neat idea, so far though, the games are all lame on it and don't really utilize its strengths
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ufo8mycat  +   748d ago
I honestly disagree as far as mouse+kb for shooters

Once you get trained up with a gamepad, nothing beats it. It offers much better immersion then a mouse+kb for shooters.

Aiming is not exactly up to par with a mouse, but can be pretty close and not to mention its more rewarding playing shooters with a gamepad, since you get the kills from skill, unlike a mouse where anyone can aim with.

Not to mention the gamepad offers a whole new level of immersion - when i fire a gun, it feels like im actually firing it, where as a mouse feels like im simply pointing and clicking on where i want the guy to fire.

IMO mouse+kb are only good for RTS/top-down rpgs
cunnilumpkin  +   748d ago
playing an fps with a controller is like driving a car with your feet

kb/m is 100x better, more accurate and feels far more intuitive
UnwanteDreamz  +   747d ago
So you like kb&mouse because it's easy? I like a challenge.

I say to each his own.
MadMen  +   748d ago
Hands down atari jaguar...(crickets) I KID!
Jagsrock  +   748d ago
wavebird is probably my favorite.
ufo8mycat  +   748d ago
360 controller

It's the ONLY reason I buy multiplatform games on 360 instead of PS3, even though I prefer the PS3 as a gaming platform.
PygmelionHunter  +   748d ago
It's obviously a tie between the Philip CDI's controller and the Atari 5200 one...
MikeyDucati1  +   748d ago
Aw man, I thought I would get some sort of list of controllers. My choice would be the original controller of the Xbox. So many complained but that big boy felt so comfortable in my hand and allowed me to have more precision for online shooters.
tarbis  +   748d ago
Sega Saturn controller for me. Perfect for fighting games esp Street Fighter. It's also good for RPGs.
CaptainYesterday  +   748d ago
Gamecube and PS3 are my favourite at the moment I'm sure it will change in a few years :)
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