A Wii U Relaunch Along PS4/Xbox One Can Dominate The Holiday

An explanation to the general public of what a Wii U actually is has been a difficult task for Nintendo thus far. If Nintendo wants to show the world what a Wii U is and why it belongs in every living room, this holiday season is the perfect time and reason to do it. The PS4 and Xbox One hype is key.

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DrRobotnik1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I wouldn't say "dominate", but it would help bolster their sells if they do a price cut and/or release a new version of Zelda,Metroid or Mario. To be honest, I would pick one up if they released a Mario 64 part 2. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the galaxy series very much. But I never got that sense of exploration that Mario 64 gave me.

Chupa-Chupa1776d ago

That's kinda what they are doing with Super Mario 3D.

PopRocks3591776d ago

Is there a hub world or is it just level to level? Also it's too bad that the multiplayer is not online. That's the only real drawback for me.

deafdani1776d ago

How? If Mario 3D World plays like Mario 3D Land, it will be restricted by a timer, which limits the exploring possibilities considerably.

moparful991776d ago

Nintendo lost me a long time ago.. Last Nintendo system I ever purchased was the 64. Don't have plans of buying the WiiU, however I do want to try ZombieU and the new Mario kart looks pretty good..

showtimefolks1776d ago

Yeh not happening

For all the hate Xbox one is getting it would still outsells wiiu

Ps4 will dominant
Xbox one will follow 2nd
And wiiu 3rd

Why are so many people surprised by wiiu's lack of success? Wii was once in a lifetime kind of thing before that Sony dominated

Wiiu has no hope

Xbox one will sell because of xblive service and great launch lineup

Ps4 will sell well because its the system after ps3 and its also $399

Wiiu is stuck in the middle

3-4-51776d ago

Mario 64 part 2 is my most wanted game of all time.

lilbroRx1775d ago

There have been many price cuts and they have proven repeatedly to do nothing. Price is not an issue for the console and it never has been.

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PigPen1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Replace Wii U with brain and I'll agree. How dare you say that.

If anyone claims he's right, then both of them are wrong.

Shadowsteal1776d ago

Because he's right. Nobody wants to pay $350 for a console that should've been released in 2006 in 2013.

TekoIie1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


Except in the UK it's now £150 (basic) and £200 (Premium).

LOGICWINS1776d ago

A Wii U at $199 would be a good start.

deafdani1776d ago

Not gonna happen. If they do a price cut, they won't go below $250. That price point is already pushing it for them, and that would make it quite competitive compared to the $400 PS4 and $500 Xbox One.

Trago13371776d ago

$300 Deluxe and $250 Basic makes more sense since they're already taking a loss on hardware.

starfox791776d ago

Well said ps4 has expensive RAM,wiiu has extreme expensive Cache and Chip RAM,Nintendo are taking a loss on wiiu as it stands....

Gr811776d ago

The GP Add a bundle of DKC/NSMBU and I could see Nintendo becoming proactive about the Wii U.

Axonometri1776d ago

Really?! Maybe a relaunch of the dreamcast at ps2 Xbox launch would have saved swag hardware too.

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