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A Wii U Relaunch Along PS4/Xbox One Can Dominate The Holiday

An explanation to the general public of what a Wii U actually is has been a difficult task for Nintendo thus far. If Nintendo wants to show the world what a Wii U is and why it belongs in every living room, this holiday season is the perfect time and reason to do it. The PS4 and Xbox One hype is key. (Wii U)

DrRobotnik  +   861d ago
I wouldn't say "dominate", but it would help bolster their sells if they do a price cut and/or release a new version of Zelda,Metroid or Mario. To be honest, I would pick one up if they released a Mario 64 part 2. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the galaxy series very much. But I never got that sense of exploration that Mario 64 gave me.
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Chupa-Chupa  +   861d ago
That's kinda what they are doing with Super Mario 3D.
PopRocks359  +   861d ago
Is there a hub world or is it just level to level? Also it's too bad that the multiplayer is not online. That's the only real drawback for me.
deafdani  +   861d ago
How? If Mario 3D World plays like Mario 3D Land, it will be restricted by a timer, which limits the exploring possibilities considerably.
moparful99  +   861d ago
Nintendo lost me a long time ago.. Last Nintendo system I ever purchased was the 64. Don't have plans of buying the WiiU, however I do want to try ZombieU and the new Mario kart looks pretty good..
showtimefolks  +   861d ago
Yeh not happening

For all the hate Xbox one is getting it would still outsells wiiu

Ps4 will dominant
Xbox one will follow 2nd
And wiiu 3rd

Why are so many people surprised by wiiu's lack of success? Wii was once in a lifetime kind of thing before that Sony dominated

Wiiu has no hope

Xbox one will sell because of xblive service and great launch lineup

Ps4 will sell well because its the system after ps3 and its also $399

Wiiu is stuck in the middle
3-4-5  +   861d ago
Mario 64 part 2 is my most wanted game of all time.
lilbroRx  +   861d ago
There have been many price cuts and they have proven repeatedly to do nothing. Price is not an issue for the console and it never has been.
MadMen  +   861d ago
Uh No, wiiU is dead.
PigPen  +   861d ago
Replace Wii U with brain and I'll agree. How dare you say that.

If anyone claims he's right, then both of them are wrong.
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Shadowsteal  +   861d ago
Because he's right. Nobody wants to pay $350 for a console that should've been released in 2006 in 2013.
TekoIie  +   861d ago

Except in the UK it's now £150 (basic) and £200 (Premium).
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Benjaminkno  +   861d ago
I smell fear
starfox79  +   861d ago
Ur sad ??
LOGICWINS  +   861d ago
A Wii U at $199 would be a good start.
deafdani  +   861d ago
Not gonna happen. If they do a price cut, they won't go below $250. That price point is already pushing it for them, and that would make it quite competitive compared to the $400 PS4 and $500 Xbox One.
Trago1337  +   861d ago
$300 Deluxe and $250 Basic makes more sense since they're already taking a loss on hardware.
starfox79  +   861d ago
Well said ps4 has expensive RAM,wiiu has extreme expensive Cache and Chip RAM,Nintendo are taking a loss on wiiu as it stands....
Gr81  +   861d ago
The GP Add a bundle of DKC/NSMBU and I could see Nintendo becoming proactive about the Wii U.
Axonometri  +   861d ago
Really?! Maybe a relaunch of the dreamcast at ps2 Xbox launch would have saved swag hardware too.
Trago1337  +   861d ago
I'm not gonna predict anything. All I'm gonna say is that they SHOULD drop the price and market the hell out of the first party games.
Benjaminkno  +   861d ago
Im only interested in 3D land and Pikmin.
2014 should be a good year for Nintendo.
I don't see how they all don't do well.
I would say Microsoft has more to worry about at the moment. Then again they can afford to put a price drop on the Xbox One if need be.

I don't see why there wouldn't be room for all three consoles again. That's good for everybody.
Kevlar009  +   861d ago
Treat the WiiU like new console release, as if it was released this November. Price drop of $50 across all SKU's, full advertising blitz

Nintendo should try to bolster the WiiU with their vast reserves of money. Its brightest days are ahead of it, no one cares if you say "oops, we messed up" then pull out an amazing relaunch. So what if the majority of its current existance has been an abysmal crap shoot, time to forget the past and look ahead.
TheGamingArt  +   861d ago
2nd time is a charm apparently?
XisThatKid  +   861d ago
I've never spent full price for N product. $128.97 for GamCube, mem card, extra controller and Melee the day after Smash Melee came out and $150 for Wii a month after Brawl came out with Brawl. I'm not buyin another console for one game I had two Smash Bros ent. systems already and in the end they are the most expensive electronic door stops I ever had. plus I can't use my PS1/2 controller with this one like I did with GC and Wii due to the lack of GC controller ports. I never really liked the GC controller. hope the best for the company but I owe them nothing especially my loyalty or money.
dark-hollow  +   861d ago
"A day after smash melee release"
Wait! So you got a GameCube, an extra controller, a memory card and a copy of smash for only $128 after only 4 weeks before the GameCube launch which was priced $200 at that time?
XisThatKid  +   861d ago
this is correct. like early Dec i give or take a day or two. I waited till Melee came out to buy the system. had purple console, 3 controllers, (I had a PS2 controller wire rigged to a japanese imported controller port before I got the system though) game, card that day/night. I shortly after bought component cables (for no fn reason since) for round $129 $20 for gas to go and get it though, it was snowy out so $140. someone brought another controller too so ridiculous Smash party that night. Ah.....memories. Doubt that'll every happen again.
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Louievillesluggns  +   861d ago
they do have an adapter to use an ps2or3/xbox and a gamecube adapter controller on the wii/wii u its less then 5 dollars but I feel you on buying a system for one game cause I bought a wii for brawl ...........so sad
XisThatKid  +   861d ago
eventually when my own wire rig ran dead, I bought one for 2 for GC, had one for Xbox back in the day but I played so little of it I sold it. thanks though.
KwietStorm  +   861d ago
So that's what it's come down to? A relaunch only a year after it's been available, and that will all of a sudden "dominate" the season? Straws. Grasp them. Everybody grasp at once.
coltlokk  +   861d ago
A relaunched wii u bundled with Wind Waker, 3D World and DK Tropical Freeze would be amazing. If it was priced at $400, it would totally dominate. $400 doesn't seem too unreasonable. At $350, you can get a console + nintendo land, so with 3 games + console at $400, they would basically be giving 2 games away for $50. OK, Nintendo would be losing money...But wii u's would fly off the shelves.

At the price of $400, it would cost the same as the PS4, but people would be like, I'm getting 3 games with the Wii U, and the PS4 doesn't come with any.
Those 3 games > hardware difference (at least in the short run)

But as this is unlikely to happen...I doubt a wii u relaunch without something this drastic will help.
ylwzx3  +   861d ago
Nintendo should have had their main IPs ready for launch on launch day or close to it. Not almost a little over 1 year later. If those key titles were available around that time period most definitely the Wii U would be selling very well.
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nzbleach  +   861d ago
It's time to play catch up Nintendo and relaunch along side PS4 and Xbone and take advantage of both consoles with a price drop and a bundle and that is why i waited this long for a retailer to drop the price to $199NZ and i'm playing catch up too since i skipped the 360 and ps3.
XisThatKid  +   861d ago
Even with a price drop doubt I'll buy. New Smash just isn't worth it.
Hicken  +   861d ago
Dominate? No, not likely.
level 360  +   861d ago
Hah ha ha!!.. dominate?, relaunch?! What a load of horse manure LOL!
CaulkSlap  +   861d ago
Even at $199 I doubt it. Got one recently with low expectations for the hell of it and still managed to be disappointed. The Wii U is just such a terrible platform so far and things will not get better any time soon. Even with the big Nintendo games released it won't change much overall. Only a diehard Nintendo fanboy could support this system.
pyramidshead  +   861d ago
there's no point getting a wii-u yet until Bayonetta 2 launches, for me personally, anyway.
moodgamer  +   861d ago
Maybe gamers dont realize this, on retail shops (thats what i do for a living, sell games), people still dont really know that Wii U is a new console. Nintendo must explain mostly on TV shows for teens and on primetime schedules, what is the Wii U.

People still come to me and ask me about the new controller for the Wii. Now you guys tell me: "Its just the casual gamers, the parents that bought for them kids". Yeah, those are the one's that made Wii what it is today.
girevik  +   860d ago
I agree! They should of called it Wii 2! You use two screens and the casuals would not have been confused.
GasTankKiller  +   861d ago
Personally, I wish Nintendo would have done more with the Wii U. They should have come up with a better name first off.

I was honestly excited for the Wii U but after its release I lost my excitement. Some day I will get one but that day is not any time soon.
MasterCratosKong66  +   861d ago
I doubt that they will dominate. The release of Pikmin 3 in Japan shows a nice increase of sales after only 2 days out so I think anyone who says the Wii U is dead is wrong. It really just shows that when the games start rolling out the Wii U will do better. Especially by the time smash comes out. I don't think it will outsell the PS4 or Xbox1 necessarily, but I do think it will do just fine by making its money back for a profit in the long run. Though if they do drop the price a little along with those games, and of course market better, they could be looking a nice turnaround for the holidays rather than this selling in the mid thousands every month stuff we have seen this year.

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