Square Enix + deviantART = contest

From the ingenious team that brought you Kingdom Hearts comes a new action RPG for the Nintendo DS system called The World Ends with You.

Set in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya district, the story begins with Neku, just another ordinary kid, waking up to find a text message that states that he must complete a series of missions or face "erasure". Now immersed in the "Reaper's Game" Neku must find badges that allow him to harness his natural abilities and powers to discover the truth behind the "Reaper's Game" before he is erased!

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iamtehpwn3905d ago

I'm shocked. Square is usually infamous for Being a Nazi and shutting Everything down That a picture of Cloud's face on it.

But Way to go Square Enix, you're finally doing something the Fans can participate with. Now gtfo of Chrono Trigger: Resurrection's Nuts and we'll be good to go.

bloodred_dragon3903d ago

Wow, this is pretty exciting. I never thought Squeenix would ever do something like this.