End of an era: Last PS2 game closes door on Sony's beast

Ninemsn games writes: After more than 12 years, 150 million sales, 2000 games and 1.52 billion game sales, the door appears to be finally closing on the PlayStation 2.

Back in January Sony confirmed it was ceasing production of the iconic gaming machine, yet publishers continued to produce games for the console.

However, the last PlayStation 2 game, EA Sports' FIFA 14, will bring to an end the longest-running life cycle for a gaming console, just as Sony preps for the release of the PlayStation 4 later this year.

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CaptainYesterday1705d ago

Did they sell that yellow PS2? I don't even like yellow but damn that PS2 looks nice!

nukeitall1705d ago

I love yellow and would buy it in a heartbeat!

Amazing that the PS2 lasted until the start of PS4. Since I don't have a BC PS3, I might buy a PS2 when it eventually clearances out.

Enigma_20991704d ago

They showed off a lot of f****** colors at launch that never hit the shelves!!!!

bahabeast1705d ago

i had great fun with you playing for hours disk read failures and numerous new controllers. i gata buy me another fat ps2 just for memories

MasterCornholio1705d ago

I cant believe that the console lasted so long. I wonder if the PS3 will have a similar life span?

supersonicjerry1705d ago

I doubt the PS3 will have the same life span but I do think it will be close to it I say most the ps3 will have is 10 years. my thoughts though for the simple fact multiplayer plays a big part this gen and next gen and it will be better next gen.

Tultras1705d ago

Black n yellow, black n yellow! I just had to. :p

I wonder if it was intentional in the pic.

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The story is too old to be commented.