Forza Motorsport 5 Requires One-Time Internet Connection

Flagship Xbox One launch title Forza Motorsport 5 – which will make extensive use of the console’s cloud capabilities and always-online functionality – will also be playable offline now that Microsoft has changed its policies. However, it will require a one-time connection to Xbox Live before you can play.

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Snookies121709d ago

Eh? That's not a really big deal. So long as you don't have to be connected 24/7 or anything like that.

iGAM3R-VIII1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Agreed yes I guess this seems okay, I assume the only reason this 1 time connection is because when the DRM and 24hr check-in was in place, this game ALSO had a 24hr check-in. But since they removed it, they had to remove the Forza's as well.

Idc about this 1 time connection, its not bad at all

Kanzes1709d ago

The console itself requires one time connection to the Internet. If you're buying the game at launch, you just have to connect briefly for the game to get the Drivatars and bunch of tracks and cars. I don't see any problem.

iGAM3R-VIII1709d ago

@above, I just said that in my comment, what are you saying?

jimbobwahey1709d ago

It's funny to see that a game so heavily advertised as making heavy use of "the infinite power of the cloud" is fully playable offline.

Utterly hilarious to see all the nonsense that Microsoft were spewing is now being revealed to be merely lies and deception.

Still, good news for Xbox One owners who don't want to rely on their internet connection just to play a video game. This is a win for them, even if it reveals just how much Microsoft has been lying.

dedicatedtogamers1709d ago

Kinda ironic how the Xbox fanbase called PS3 the "Patchstation" due to all the required patches and yet here we are, forced to download Day One patches (and mandatory Day One patch for the console itself).

Look how the turn tables...

PimpDaddy1709d ago

Because you made an ASSumption about DRM and 24-hour connectivity that is trying to bring a negative view on this whole topic iGAM3R-VIII. Then gave Microsoft a backhanded compliment while you were at it.

I "assume" that's why you got the disagrees...

MagneticDeath21709d ago

Essentially they are selling a non working unfinished version of the game that is unplayable without a day 1 patch.

OrangePowerz1709d ago

If you read the article you will see that the reason ia that they can't finish the game on time and need to do a big day one patch that makes the game playable because the game on disc won't be finished.

iGAM3R-VIII1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

@Kanzes I don't evem have a problem, I didn't even say there was a problem

@PimpDaddy What? It was a assumption, I didn't say it was 100% It would make sense as well. Nothing in my comment was nagative

@above I did read it but I am saying I do not want them to rush it. They can take thier time

MysticStrummer1709d ago

@Kanzes - Aren't the Drivatars based on players? How would they be available at launch?

I guess they could be based on beta data or something, to answer my own question.

@self - Thanks for the fast response! Peace and good gaming.

Septic1709d ago


"- Aren't the Drivatars based on players? How would they be available at launch? "

They don't necessarily have to be everyone else's drivatars. I'm sure they have a library built up already with just the devs alone.

Cueil1709d ago

Nothing is as bad as PS3's system patches

mewhy321708d ago

Well this isn't a big deal to people in urban areas. But for those that live in the rural areas that can only access the web via dial up this is a massive problem. Massive.

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Thatguy-3101709d ago

It's not bad but look at it this way. There are many people that get consoles that have no Internet connection so for them it won't it will be a problem.

Snookies121709d ago

Well, the X1 still needs at least a one time connection at start up to get rid of always online features... So, they wouldn't buy it in the first place if they didn't have some way to get internet. Even if it's just for one day.

Kanzes1709d ago

It's like playing Bethesda games. on ps3. without patch.

Spurg1709d ago

Many??? A tiny minority maybe...but who would buy £429 console and not have an internet connection in their house. I think a lot people would prioritise an internet connection first over getting a console.

PimpDaddy1709d ago

LOL @ Many people who will buy a $500.00 console at launch with a $60.00 dollar driving simulation game not having an internet connection.

I'm sorry but the people who have been trying to spin "needing" an internet connection as being negative need new material.

I hope that EVERYBODY that owns either an XB1 or a PS4 has a broadband internet connection because otherwise it's not worth it for them to buy either console. Both the PS4/XB1 were meant to have a constant connection to the internet in order for their consumers to get the optimum experience!!!

papashango1709d ago

But PS3 can't play Bethesda games =\

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RedHawkX1709d ago

this not good you gonna have to download day one patch for the console thats a few gigabytes large then turn around and download game data thats probabl 5+ gigabytes of data and such. thats pretty rediculous. you better off just going with the download version at this point because thats what it is. you probably wont be able to sale the game either because I dont think ms wants people who didnt buy the game to be able to just download them huge files all the time taking up there bandwith.

MarkusMcNugen1709d ago

You have evidence that the day one patch is going to be "a few gigabytes large?" Or are you just trolling... Im going to guess trolling.

ShwankyShpanky1709d ago

Selling you a disc with an unplayable partial game?

Sounds reasonable.

H0RSE1707d ago

Apparently it is reasonable, since developers/publishers across both platforms do it... this isn't exclusively an xbox thing, and anyone trying to spin it that way is being ignorant and naive. Even on current systems, these business practices take place.

3-4-51709d ago

Forza 5 is going to be awesome.

YodaCracker1708d ago

Agreed, it is the highest rated racing series of this gen. Wonder if it can keep that title next gen!

Godmars2901709d ago

If they're going to have games which need one-time connections, they really shouldn't have bothered to remove the always online requirement.

People without *ANY* internet wont be able to play the game or the console.

MasterCornholio1709d ago

"People without *ANY* internet wont be able to play the game or the console."

If the Wii U and the PS4 do this then the XBOX One should be able to do it as well.


Godmars2901709d ago

Because MS was setting up for an always online console cycle. Were actively excluding off-line consumers.

flunkers1709d ago

I cannot see any point in having a console in 2013 without an internet connection. If you can afford and be able obtain one of these consoles, surely people will have internet.

Godmars2901709d ago

"I cannot see any point in having a console in 2013 without an internet connection."

And that goes back to the state of the internet. The fact that some regions have bad or no accessibility at all. And then there's ignored point that if you're not paying for internet which goes for $50-70 a month, you're likely more able to afford a PS4 or XB1.

Part of the reason consoles are "better" with the internet is because, 1) most games have online features instead of just being SP titles, and 2) require patching because they were shipped off incomplete. Decause of something which devs quickly came to abuse.

H0RSE1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Why would you buy a console, where a good part of its features are internet related, and not have an internet connection? It would make much more sense for a player with no internet, to just stick with the current systems - this goes for both PS and xbox. This "people with no internet" argument is fucking old and played out - give it up. Even in instances like soldiers overseas trying to play games - they are aware of the connection issues they have when they are deployed, so why even bring it up?

Bringing up the point that players "need" an internet connection in certain instances on the new consoles, and attempting to spin it like some evil, negative conspiracy against players, is like trying to persuade people not to go to Alaska because they will "need" winter clothing. In either instance, the person is likely aware of what they need and has it taken care of beforehand.

Godmars2901707d ago

"Why would you buy a console, where a good part of its features are internet related, and not have an internet connection?"

Because its only been one whole console generation where internet connectivity played an active part in using one?

The original concept behind consoles was ease of use and access. That if you bought a single player game you wouldn't need anything in addition, like online, to play it.

We'll find out how old and played out the no-internet argument is when the XB1 hits the general market.

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FamilyGuy1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

No one likes day 1 patches, game devs need to release games when they're finished. Rushing a product to market before it's ready is why we had the rrod fiasco.

Look at Sony, they pushed back Infamous Second Son because they have integrity rather forcing the devs to release an unfinished product at the systems launch.

Take notes MS: We have patience. "Good things come to those that wait."

Yeah I'm blowing this way outta proportion lol but it's still true. Obviously a day 1 patch is better than waiting 2 extra months or so for release. XD

H0RSE1707d ago

The day one patch likely has more to do with the publisher than the devs, since they ultimately call the shots. This is why independent companies, like Valve and Splash Damage, can take all the time in the world to release games, because there is no higher up to answer to - they are their own bosses.

GribbleGrunger1709d ago

I wonder though, because it's not been clarified, does every single game require a one time internet connection?

CuddlyREDRUM1708d ago

You are Xbox One's target audience.

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iGAM3R-VIII1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Well then, it isnt that bad just for one time

It's not that bad though

FordGTGuy1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

The Xbox One itself requires a one-time connection also.

iGAM3R-VIII1709d ago

I know the X1 has that, I fully said that in my other comment

kenmid1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

@fordgtguy, obviously you didn't read the article. The point of the one time connection is to add features.

ok, I see you edited your comment.

ShwankyShpanky1709d ago

"The point of the one time connection is to add features."

If you consider the AI and other things "required ... to play the game" (Greenawalt's words) as "features."

H0RSE1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )


So does Steam, so what's your point?

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FordGTGuy1709d ago

DRM is the past/present/future.

You might want to check your EULA on your PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

H0RSE1707d ago

A EULA is essentially non-intrusive DRM. It states the terms and conditions in which you agree to apply, whereas DRM software, effectively forces you to play by those rules.

Kanzes1709d ago

I agree, I'm going all digital on the next gen, whether it's X1 or PS4. It's awesome because you can insta-switching your games without putting disc anymore. You can play while downloading too this time. And furthermore, I really hope there's a crazy sales and pre-load feature on PS4/XB1 like Steam.

HugoDrax1708d ago

My approach as well. All Digital! plus I won't have to concern myself with scratched disc, lost discs, loaning disc, etc...I am a fan of being able to switch between games without loading disc, I also find myself playing more titles in between gaming sessions because of it.

illtownNJONE1709d ago

Ive always said (military excluded) for people who complained about online 24hr checkin etc......if u spend that much on a console but dnt have internet access ......kick your own @$$

T21709d ago

I dont have a problem with itbut the fact is you will still alienate some consumers ... I remember taking my consoles camping and to other places ... Not everywhere has internet thats still fact

bsquwhere1709d ago

That's a stupid comment. I have family that love to game but broadband is UNAVAILABLE to them. Its not a choice. God your ignorant. Just because you have something doesn't mean everyone else can have it. That pisses me off, you guys complain about PS fanboys but come off sounding like an snobby asshole. Let me guess you think military personnel should kick their own ass as well. Idiot.