Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Review (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox: "Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is a first person on-rails shooter that is a sequel to the Windows PC game Heavy Fire: Afghanistan. If you have never played an on-rails form of shooter before then the best way to describe it is that it very much feels like a choreographed sequence of events where your role is only to aim and fire. Try to imagine a whole game similar to the ‘Breach and Clear’ moments in Call of Duty where your hardened war veteran is following a predetermined path whilst you only need point your gun and shoot. This means that there is no way possible to choose your own path, it’s a developer directed linear gameplay experience that is reliant upon your quick reflexes to pull the trigger when a screen full of enemy soldiers are firing from all directions. The idea is not to panic – because you just can’t run even if you wanted to!"

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