Top 10 Apps That Should Be Made For The Xbox One, A Note To Developers

"With the news that Xbox One apps will be so similar to developing Windows apps that even Microsoft themselves said that if you want to practice in making Xbox Apps that you should just develop Windows apps. This gives the strong message that we might see some very cool and varied apps coming to the Xbox One in time. On top of this news comes the news of the restructure and how the Xbox OS and store will now be under the same branch of Microsoft as Windows Phone and Windows 8 OS and store. In Ballmer's memo about the restructuring he specifically outlines how Microsoft's devices and services will become more unified over time and surely this includes their stores and OSes. As of now we know that Xbox One, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 use the same core to their operating systems. This is not only a article for users but a letter to developers, I hope you like my ideas." - Xbox Uncut

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AzureskyZ1704d ago

Most of this app ideas are retarded-- please revise and resubmit.

thorstein1704d ago

How about an app to block spying by the NSA?

FordGTGuy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I don't expect everyone to agree with my list as it's a personal list and these apps are not purely for gaming but they can have a positive aspect to the playing experience on Xbox One.

The ability to quickly receive codes from a e-mail app to verify F2P games, having private servers for your gaming clan that can work right on the console, the ability to defrag a 3 TB HDD filled with games and updates to make it perform faster and so on.

If you're looking for a list purely for excitement or gaming I'm sorry but that was not my intention with this list.

blackmanone1704d ago

While I'll agree the list wasn't "fun," I do hope they develop some truly unique features. The controller switching for individual players for example. I won't buy one, but more stories like that one and I might see the appeal for others.

bacano1704d ago

Most like if u tell me "use windows apps to practice for xbox apps" it sounds retarded already...

As I said before: the only problem i have with my 360 is M$, sadly its a big one.

FordGTGuy1704d ago

How is that retarded?

It means that developing Xbox apps are going to be as easy as developing Windows 8 apps, that is a great thing.

bacano1704d ago

well, maybe retarded is not the best word, but i just had a little hope that XB1 would be a lot of different from W8: both in aesthetics and functionality. W8 sucks most of the time (happy to be back to my W7.

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EPiCDiNGO1704d ago

I would like an application on the xbox one dashboard that will automatically update my information to the NSA, actually never mind that is a built in feature.

FordGTGuy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Maybe you should ask the same from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Paltalk, Apple and every US phone company also as they are all affected by the same US laws.(including Sony shhh!)

The NSA is using their legal power against every company that offers communications between people in the United States.

blackmanone1704d ago

FordGTGuy is completely right, however, for me personally, none of those things I use/own have a camera in my living room that can't ever be turned off. There is a difference, some people just care more about it than others. Doesn't make the point any less valid.

FordGTGuy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


You can turn off the Kinect 2, tape it up and throw it behind your TV.

Pretty poor spy device when they could easily force it to have to see a person to make it work.

Red_Devilz1704d ago

@FordGTGuy what about the motion and heartbeat sensors? And always on microphone? "Seeing" is just the tip of iceberg

ATWILL1704d ago

You are 100% right. Everyone that makes a comment about the NSA seems to skip all the other companies that are in the discussion. Not so quick to bash/stop using Google, Cancel their FB account or get rid of their iPhones. If someone does not like the system, don't buy it and move on.

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tubers1704d ago

Motion Capture Animation App.

I hope they do that for HALO so you can teabag people with more spirit.

That's the best Kinect dude-bro implementation really.

Geezus1704d ago

im not gunna like that would be pretty cool like in fighters to do your own taunts and stuff

FordGTGuy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Great idea I'm adding extra ideas I see in the comments for my article to the article so if you guys have any please share them.

Your suggestion is now on the bottom of the article tubers.

Geezus1704d ago

is there gunna be an app store? has this been confirmed? i sure hope so maybe make it like the windows 8 app store maybe have an Office app an allow users to plug in keyboard-mouse. features like that will make the Xbox even better and solidify that whole all in One motiff

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