NIS' Time & Eternity releases for PlayStation 3

Video game publisher NIS America has released its latest RPG, Time and Eternity, in North America for PlayStation 3.

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Donnieboi1042d ago

This was a little bit under the radar

zerocrossing1042d ago

It's supposed to be a little bit absolutely awful too, but I still wouldn't mind trying out to see what went wrong.

Roper3161042d ago

I am going to try it for myself because most reviewers don't even like JRPG's to begin with and would rather being playing FPS instead. Even if I don't like it I still like to support them when they localize a JRPG's for the west.

3-4-51041d ago

yea, highest rating ( if you care about those ), I've seen is a 6/10

kreate1041d ago

I'm gonna buy it just to support the dev. Its the small devs I worry about.