Global Weekly Chart, Ending 6th July 2013

1. The Last of Us (PS3)
Sony Computer Entertainment America, Adventure
-220,442 2,406,691

2. Earth Defense Force 4 (PS3)
D3Publisher, Shooter
- 154,680

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TheRealHeisenberg1738d ago

Damn, I've waited long enough. Gotta go get The Last of Us.

karl1738d ago

The last of us is amazing.. with soo many sales im sure they will make a sequel..

kinect adventures sold 20millions already?

to those ppl...

go buy the last of us dammit!

FamilyGuy1738d ago

Bundles/bundled in game numbers are so misleading. If people could choose their bundled title you'd see a much different story.

porkChop1738d ago

"The Last of Us 2,406,691"

Wasn't it confirmed a while back that The Last of Us had passed 3.5m sales?

SandWitch1738d ago

It was retail + digital, VGC only shows retail sales

porkChop1738d ago

Ah ok. That makes sense.