Geekscape Games Previews 'Saints Row IV': A Recipe For Fun

Andy writes - "Recipe for the most fun you’ll ever have this year:

1 cup of the 1992 movie, Stay Tuned
1/2 cup Crackdown
A dash of Saints Row: The Third
Add a pinch of Keith David, Benjamin King (Only use the muthafuckin’ kind, the other brand has less flava), and Nolan North.
Mix well in a blender with ice.

Finished product should be the best funtini you’ve ever tasted in your life."

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UnHoly_One1801d ago

I'm almost embarrassed to say how excited I am for this goofy crazy shit.

Almost. lol

Handheld_Heroes1799d ago

It's like they know we want to have fun with our open world games.