Kotaku: We Get Our Hands On The PS4's Big Shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall sure is pretty. Out for the PlayStation 4 this fall, whenever the system launches, the latest Killzone game lets you shoot people in all sorts of ways, as you can see in this video we shot yesterday. Enjoy.

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Abash1530d ago

I cant wait to get my hands on it, Killzone: Shadow Fall will be my first PlayStation 4 game

xHeavYx1530d ago

So many great games coming to the PS3 and PS4. This would be the perfect time to win the lottery

Campy da Camper1530d ago

man! I've had fps fatigue for a couple years but this looks awesome!

-can climb anywhere
- barrel extends so long range is on you at all time
- super fluid animations
- non corridor maps

Lol at the interviewer asking about 4 questions the whole time cause he's sucked into the game lol

sourav931530d ago

Is there ever a bad time to win the lottery?

badz1491530d ago

KZSF will be my 1st PS4 game! I can't believe that as a new FPS player, I am going to start the next gen with an FPS 2 times in a row! I started playing FPS with RFoM btw and that was my 1st PS3 game too while I was waiting for R&C:Future ToD to come out. boy was I glad I did!

Inception1530d ago

Win a lottery isn't enough. You need to rob a bank! >.<

abzdine1530d ago

technically this game is an absolute beast

RedSoakedSponge1530d ago


just before getting a divorce would be pretty bad timing :P

brandonb211530d ago

@RedSoakedSponge yes it would be a bad time to win the lottery if the world ended or if you were on your death bed and won the lottery

gaffyh1530d ago

This actually looks very good, the colours and lighting are fantastic, and it looks like they've added a lot of new gameplay features.

papashango1530d ago

looks like crysis 3 with crappy vegetation.

got a launch day ps4 on pre-order but definitely not interested in this junk.

nosferatuzodd1530d ago

lol you take the words out my mouth lol

RIP_Weazel1530d ago speaketh our leaders, the PC elite! All hail their views and bemoan your own plebian opinions!

(Personally, I think it looks awesome, but hey, horses for courses.)

darthv721530d ago

looks very nice indeed. the lighting and shadows (no pun intended) are very realistic.

WarThunder1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Shows that the guy from Kotaku, playing the game only played Halo....

His not using iron sight and plays like shit! what a total noob...

Syntax-Error1529d ago

Looks good even when it's not in HD. Getting this and Dead Rising 3 at launch. Being that this is a launch title I can only imagine what how better the games will look later on

darren_poolies1529d ago


Unless you plan on getting a PS4 and an Xbox One at launch, I've got some bad news for you...

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nosferatuzodd1530d ago

lol you take the words out my mouth lol

I'm talking about the lotery comment not killzone..
I see ppl are disagreeing because they think I'm talking bad about killzone that couldn't be more far from the truth I'm a big killzone fan that's a day 1 buy for me guys

hakis861529d ago

He DOES say: "They carry a FLESHlight"... LMFAO!!

SpitFireAce851530d ago

This guy that interviewed Herman is a complete personality what so ever!

Septic1530d ago

It was so frustrating watching him play...he can't play to save his life. Argh. Give me the controller!

wishingW3L1530d ago

it's like he has never played a FPS in his life!

HammadTheBeast1530d ago

Right in the end, as the gameplay gets better once the dev starts playing, they cut it off....

BattleTorn1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

At the very end, he closes so poorly - "well, uh, yeah. Thanks a lot for taking the time to show us this game Herman"

He couldn't end with a better plug? Possibly mention the game's actual name...

ZodTheRipper1530d ago

I expected a better interviewer and a much better player from Kotaku. Guess this video reflects the quality of their articles pretty well.

boing11529d ago

Someone should tell him he should never go full retard. Unless he can't.

Deathdeliverer1529d ago

Now we see how Kotaku rates and reviews games. They watch someone else play.

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HammadTheBeast1530d ago

Am I correct in saying that the graphics rival Crysis graphics on mid-high settings?

sourav931530d ago

I would have to say you're incorrect.

Septic1530d ago

I don't know about that.

Some of the textures there left a lot to be desired. But the first demo shown off at the reveal blew my mind. This is off-screen so you have to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Also, notice the freezing at around 2:10. But again, this is probably not using all the RAM in the PS4, as stated earlier. Minor niggles really.

This might just trump Crysis on mid=high settings when it launches. I don't see why it can't.

wishingW3L1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

At this point Crysis only looks good with mods...

This is in Ultra and look at those ugly shadows. The lighting and textures look way better on Killzone SF too:

Crysis only wins on foliage because there's a lot of it.

Qrphe1530d ago

It has better lighting but the textures don't seem quite on par at all.

christrules00411530d ago

This is off screen gameplay so that makes it worse. Plus the game isn't even finished yet so it could look better at launch. Why compare a finished product to a product that isn't finished?

That would be like comparing Drive Club that was 35% complete to GT5.

We have to wait to see what it actually looks like and what performance the PS4 has.

Stsonic1530d ago

I think he means crysis 3

abzdine1530d ago

this is a next gen game and Crysis is from 2007. No problem KZ will blow Crysis in terms of performance. Wait until you see it run on screen before you say anything.
This is a screen video and still looks amazing. I can't wait to be at Gamescom to try this monster out!

papashango1530d ago

honestly it doesn't even blow crysis 1 away. They look similar. It just means consoles finally caught up to 2007 pc's.

sourav931529d ago

Wow that's a lot of disagrees to my previous comment. When I said incorrect, I meant that KZ:SF looks way better than vanilla Crysis running on medium/high. Now, if you talk about Crysis 3, that's a different story.

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Aceman181530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

wow the person playing is a complete DB

thank god Herman took over lol.

DarkHeroZX1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

This game is more open with larger maps, and has somewhat destructible environments with graphics and higher enemy counts. Well if this game has to run a 30fps I think we all know why. On for a console with what is considered "mid-range" specs this is extremely impressive.

1530d ago
Tapewurm1530d ago

I am sure that this and the full version of drive club will keep me plenty busy until infamous second son releases :)

DecoyOctopus1530d ago

Wow at the guy playing, this is must be his first time ever playing a videgame, seriously why does everyone suck at playing on Off-screen videos?

mark134uk1529d ago

this running 1080p 60fps?

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wishingW3L1530d ago

oh god not the same demo again... This has been posted like 50 times already since E3. ;__;

xHeavYx1530d ago

And yet you approve it?

wishingW3L1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

by the minute 4 they start showing new stuff and let me say, the game's looking amazing! I never thought I'd be excited for a Killzone game let a alone a FPS... I'm so glad I pre-ordered the Killzone bundle from Amazon, this game's gonna surprise many people. ;)

BTW, graphics are gorgeous!

_FantasmA_1530d ago

First time I'm seeing this. I'm trying to not see to much of these PS4 launch games so that when they do launch I will be amazed.

Septic1530d ago

Haha same here but its nigh on impossible to do with how hyped I am.

Hey, at least we'll be able to clear this level in the game easily. Although, that being said, I don't think I'd ever play as badly as the guy in the video.

Ju1530d ago

Looks awesome. Not sure if it'll be that easy - no matter how often you'll see it. This almost feels like an open world "level". Much more space allows many more pathways - also for the NPCs. And if the AI is anything like in the previous games, one mistake and your on the run. I'm curious how that's gonna work. KZ AI was always one of the best.

_FantasmA_1529d ago

For me what killed Killzone 2 was the controls and the generic story and characters. Such a beautiful game, even to this day, but I feel like its wasted on these roided up and typical cursing soldiers. The only ones that were okay were Rico, Sev, and I think Garza? (the one that died). Haven't played 3 but I've heard its worse than 2 so I don't know if I'll have time to get around to it by the time the PS4's greatness comes around.

edwineverready1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

great draw distance at 2:05 .Who ever said that there will not be a big graphical difference between current gen and next gen is crazy. so beautiful. can't wait for this game and ps4.

shikamaroooo1530d ago

Keep in mind Killzone is only using 3gigs of the DDR5, imagine the draw distance and texture with more

Cryptcuzz1530d ago

That's the one thing that still amazes me. This game is already looking awesome in its current form, but just know it would look even better had they utilized all 7 GB available. Heres's to hoping GG has enough time to do just that and wow everyone on the final release.

Ju1530d ago

It's not 3GB. It's 5.7 or so total. I'm too lazy to find the link. 3GB is for graphics only.

papashango1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

you can't use more if the APU or the GPU is running at 100%.

That's what they call a bottleneck and why PC gamers continue to upgrade what everyone else considers high end pc's.

Memory walls have been nonexistant for years now. PC gamers have always done the "imagine if they take full advantage of 8gb or 16gb we have in our pc's!"

fact is the ps4's jaguar processor is only 1.8ghz and is based off mobile notebook technology made by AMD. Dev's won't be taking advantage of 5 or 6gb of ram unless they're games are poorly optimized.

This is the sad truth that fanboys will have to accept.

christrules00411530d ago

GDDR5. DDR5 doesn't exist and actually DDR4 doesn't exist either. =P

christrules00411530d ago

They used almost 4.7GB for Killzone Shadow Fall. 3GB was for the graphics. In the link below if you go to slide 6 it gives the exact details of how much RAM they are using for the CPU and the GPU.

andibandit1529d ago


heh, it's a little bit more complicated than just ADD MOAR RAM

By your terms if they add enough ram, you could look into space.

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Scrumptious1530d ago

Preordered this bad boy. Cannot wait to play it. Looks amazing and in my opinion the best exclusive launch title for nexgen.

6DEAD6END61530d ago

I really like the new weapons in this Killzone all I need to see now is the sniper rifle in action and multiplayer then ill be good :)