The Legend of Zelda Box Set: Prima Official Game Guide revealed, out in November

Package includes 6 guides, numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Eiji Aonuma, and special bookmark.

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PopRocks3591741d ago

Man, I would so get this if it wasn't so dang expensive. Had they thrown in the NES games I probably would have tried to pony up for it. Oh well, props to the lucky money-savers who get their hands on these.

ScubaSteve11741d ago

idk if i should preorder two one to use and one to sell on ebay

YoungKingDoran1741d ago

I'd say just buy one. Wouldn't want to lose any sleep over the thought of dicking over hobbyists such as yourself right?
Plus, there's always a chance it could Wii-U on U

DarkBlood1741d ago

hmmm i may see about getting it then.

Neo Nugget1741d ago

Totally worth it. I have the Phantom Hourglass hardcover and it's incredibly well put together.

D-rock11741d ago

It says numbered certificate, what the box set limited to units-wise?

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