Rumour: Euro Rock Band 360 in May, no PS3/PS2 until autumn

Someone over at Neogaf "got a memo" saying that Harmonix's Rock Band has finally got a release date and price for Europe.

Unfortunately for all you PS3 and PS2 owners, it seems that 360 gamers will get it on May 22, while you'll all have to wait until autumn.

The game was rumoured last week for a May release.

While details surrounding the game's European release have been locked up tighter than a nun's pants, we have been told by a 'second' highly reliable source that the announcement would be "big news": if that platform split's true, we can see why.

Details are as follows...

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Mike Bowden3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

So many other rumours saying May too, we even reported one last week.

We've also heard from other, unfortunately unnamed sources, that the announcement will be "big news" so that kind of validates it even more.

I wonder what the hold up on the PS versions could be? MS money?

BrianC62343881d ago

I find this report hard to believe. And the rumor part makes it even harder to believe.

FreeMonk3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Well after checking, the PS3 version is out on May 9th for £39.99 which is cheap considering it should include the Guitar, Drums and Microphone, unless it is Game Only.

The X360 version on the other hand has no release date yet, and you can only sign up for notification.

So I'm guessing this is all just speculation. I'm hoping for the X360 version in May as I will be buying it for that rather than my PS3 just because of my American friends having it on X360, plus the X360 get the tracks 2-3 days earlier than the PS3 version. Not much, but still.

My only guess why they'd be a delay on the PS3 version would be due to the wireless Bluetooth controllers, whereas the X360 version will probably ship with wired controllers like the GH controller.

niall773881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

... kinda dumb?

you know from a money point of view

Mike Bowden3881d ago

They are going to release it, just about 6 months later it seems.

The reason why? Your guess is as good as mine!

CyberSentinel3881d ago

By the time you lemmings get it, us "Elite's" will be playing Rock Band 2.

Blind Lemmings, Nobody Loves You.

PirateThom3881d ago

Funny enough, I could have just imported it from America for PS3 for a lot cheaper than it will cost in Europe for 360, you know, because it's region free?

Mike Bowden3881d ago

You won't be able to get any of the DLC for it though...;)

PirateThom3881d ago

Yes, you can, I've already bought items from the US PS Store, since I have a Mastercard.

It doesn't use address for verification.

Mike Bowden3881d ago

Didn't know that. Nice one!

What are you waiting for?! :)

PirateThom3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

The problem is that I always hear problems with the instruments breaking, if the hardware was decent, I'd do it in a moment, just too many reports of breaking drums and guitars cutting out.

fenderputty3881d ago

and he's going to love me one month later. NOt really all that concerned.

Snukadaman3881d ago

Im sure we would of seen storys on the subject here.

PS3rd3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

And once again PS3rd owners Wait Beyond.

When they say autumn they mean sometime in the next 50 years.

Regretting your purchase now eh? LMFAO.

Edit. Its ok... it'll never happen and if it does I'll change my name to
Turdstation... Its describes the PS3rd very well.


fenderputty3881d ago

What are you going to do with your name once the PS3 passes the 360 in total sales?

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niall773881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

the unfounded, useless peice of flame bate got approved.

well done to you people for lowering the standerds of this site, one story at a time

Mike Bowden3881d ago

Relax. Many things point to this being true if you've been following the news for the past few days.

it's not as though the rumour is about a Halo 4 release date is it? There are several rumours saying May and there's been a price rumour. Also, as I said in the article, we've been told by other people within the industry that when the game is announced there'll be some "big news", so it all fits.

yesah3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

lol its a double rumor, "it was RUMORED for a may release" "Theres a RUMOR that the ps3 wont get it in may." Rumor built on a rumor.....rofl.

Edit: ahh mike yours are like the posts from a better time.

Obama3881d ago

First, this is a rumor. Second, it's possible that MS paid for this since the 360 is losing badly against the ps3 in Europe. With the pricecut, it still got outsold for almost 2 to 1 XD.

Snukadaman3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

If microsoft does that wouldnt that be against the law...unfair buisness practices....No i think the better explanation is the developers are having problems with the ps3 like almost every game thats multi platform. Also I dont think rockband will have as much a impact as you think on the console war.

Obama3881d ago

Well MS has already broken many laws, so I don't know why you are so surprised about the possible bribe that MS intitated. Also, I am saying that it's possible, so it's only a speculation. I actually agree with you that it won't have a big impact on the console sales, but considering that MS is losing steam in Europe so fast, it may have to do "something" other than the price cut.

heyheyhey3881d ago

since when did M$ care about breaking financial laws????

it's like saying Osama Bin Laden wont make another terrorist attack because he knows its "against the law"

Snukadaman3881d ago

you pretty dumbdumbdumb..your level of insecurity is just think you had too comment on this..and even had too throw in a reference to paying a company too hold back a game to a terrorist attack....truly a moment im sure you would like too take telling me you only post too piss people dont succeed in just make yourself look dumb with almost every post..congratulations on that.

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