Tetsuya Nomura speaks KH III and FFXV

Tetsuya Nomura is the director of both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Both these games are coming to next-generation consoles; both these games have a large fan-base and high expectations; both these games were announced together. Since they share some similarities, one wonders how these two games will be different. Will Nomura perhaps show us similar elements in both games, hence causing each of them to lose it’s charm by forgetting to be a unique experience? After all, Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV are sharing a similar real-time combat system. Anyone can notice the striking similarities by watching their trailers.

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kalkano1769d ago

"RPGSite, who managed to speak to game director Tetsuya Nomura, asked questions about Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV and how the two games will be different, along with their previous questions."

That states the whole problem with FFXV, better than I ever could. You actually have to ask how it will be DIFFERENT than KINGDOM HEARTS!? Yeah, this is not Final Fantasy.

Minato-Namikaze1769d ago

Nomura's talent>>>>your opinon. I trust Nomura to make good games plain and simple.

Irishguy951769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Yeah this game will be amazing. Such a shame its called final fsntasy. Its a shame because stupid people will try and moan about a game because of its name. This game is much more ff than kh

anyhow..can anyone copy paste article i cant load it please :)

Brucis1769d ago

The two games look similar in playstyle so he's explaining that they aren't the same. How is that bad?

Bluepowerzz1769d ago

kh 1.5 le preordered cant wait for tgs when does tgs start uk time this year someone tell me pls.

o-Sunny-o1769d ago

FF Versus turns into multiplatform (palmface)and turned into FF15. Kingdom Hearts never before touched Microsoft soil, now multiplatform(should have been Wii U instead). I was mad but XBox needs help anyways.