Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - High Resolution Texture Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition Released

DSOGaming writes: "Modder ‘flame1251′ has released the 1.3 enhanced version of his High Resolution Texture pack for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As the title suggests, this modification improves the game’s graphics by replacing old textures for better quality. Main textures of Las Venturas, Los Santos, San Fierro and some parts of the countryside have been reworked."

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dontbhatin1708d ago

Looks like crap. no reason for it.

ATi_Elite1708d ago

Looks good to me! Better than the original.

Nice graphics mod for those playing San Andreas DayZ which a lot of gamers play.

San Andreas Dayz = DayZ for PC's that can't handle the Arma 2 Engine.

kB01708d ago

yeah it honestly doesn't look that good.....the game has it's charm with its regular graphics...these are WAY to the point where they just aren't appealing....

Old gen games don't really look good with "realistic" textures because they are all flat surfaces...unless the textures are edited with smart photoshoping to give them a "3D" look but even then, old games used uneven surfaces to illustrate some detail:P

Nice try, but I personally would rather run regular textures:P

isarai1708d ago

Looks like a freshman 3DS max project

Red_Devilz1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

We definitely need a high def (at least 720p) GTA:SA on PS3. Current PS3 port looks terrible.

Still AWESOME fun though. Can't beat at $4.99

PurpHerbison1708d ago

It does indeed look awful.

NiteX1708d ago

They look very unnatural. All they did was use the same tiles over and over.

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