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Submitted by Prcko 941d ago | news

A closer look at the PlayStation 4

Sony revealed the hardware design for the PlayStation 4 at E3, but the console remained under glass until last night's PlayStation Holiday Preview event. While there might be some minor changes or tweaks before the official launch, getting to see and touch Sony's new console gives a much better sense of the final product. (PS4)

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Need4Game  +   941d ago
More Closer Please!
GraveLord   941d ago | Not a reply | show | Replies(14)
_FantasmA_   941d ago | Not a reply | show | Replies(1)
wsoutlaw87   941d ago | Off topic | show
GunsAndTheBeast   941d ago | Trolling | show
Christopher  +   940d ago
Meh. Absolutely nothing new here and... damn that was a fast video.
GraveLord   940d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Prcko  +   941d ago
so good!
live2play  +   941d ago
Yup looks good I personally like the exterior.
I'm definitely gonna pick one up when it drops in price

it can also play 3d movies right?
I want to get rid of my Samsung 3d play. Its sooo slow
Marked  +   940d ago

I think you are having trouble understanding how frame rate and refresh rates are relevant to rendering a 3d image. The PS3 does 3d but the tv must be able to recieve each 60hz frame(60 hz being max refresh rate of 60 fps) hence why 3d tvs are 120hz but, not able to run at 120 fps. It is merely to smooth (motion plus) or render frames for 3d.
GraveLord  +   940d ago
I think it looks more better than the Xbox One!
fenome  +   940d ago
Just stop already
MrKingofVideoGames  +   941d ago
I am too impatient to sit through an ad...
Software_Lover  +   941d ago
That was it. Man this video was short and the shots were moving so fast.
PositiveEmotions  +   941d ago
Yes we already seen tons of videos idc about them anymore i just want to hold the console myself and use it and play games and whatnot
mark134uk  +   941d ago
i just cant wait to open my box and get mine out,sick of vids i wanna touch the god damn thing :)
PrimeGrime  +   941d ago
This video was a waste of time. We have all seen it on that stand a thousand times already.

This hands on video by T3 is my favorite. Posted somewhere on here but too lazy to look for that link also but here is the youtube video.

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SanMarco  +   941d ago
GunsAndTheBeast  +   941d ago
wow.. such an inspirational comment, can i use it?

"t" - SanMarco
Bluepowerzz  +   941d ago
i will hump my ps4
wsoutlaw87  +   941d ago
wear protection
GunsAndTheBeast  +   941d ago
or it'll get a virus
dontbhatin  +   941d ago
So they needed it to not be behind glass for that video??
JimCom95  +   941d ago
God that thing is sexy!
MadMen  +   941d ago
can you get a little closer please...

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