Is the Xbox One with Kinect an NSA infiltration tool?

CopEryte of CCU writes:
Many questions have surrounded the new Xbox One, the “draconian” always online DRM requirement (now reversed) and the requirement of the Kinect connected to the system in order for it to function.

What initially started out as a conspiracy theory has been given a bit of credence by the revelation that the company has admitted to cooperation with US government officials in handing over user data (including access to Skype, email, instant messaging info, etc). Whether or not Xbox Live data was handed over was not revealed, however one must surmise that this too is covered under the Patriot Act and its wide and deep reaching arms.

To get a bit of clarity, let’s go back and take a look at the digital lives I’m quite sure most gamers live and the lives of non gamers as well.

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You guys really seek and submit this same stuff over and over, yet no one reports it as duplicate or old. I think everyone who wants to know that Kinect will be used by the U.S Gov to spy on them got the message loud and clear.

Thepharaoh1737d ago

This is very old news.I honestly don't know why Microsoft is trying to sell me a Fuhrer King Bradly to put on my television minus the awesome and plus the spying. Well I guess that's what i get for my past of being a loyal customer.Oh well playing o a PC and ps4 will be enough

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I don't understand the FMA reference :/.

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Fuhrer King Bradly has the "Ultimate Eye". However it does not work like a Kinect. It doesn't have any abilities that allow the host to spy on people.

"As a Homunculus, Bradley possesses a special kind of power in his left eye, giving him sight abilities that far exceed a regular human's eyesight; allowing him to read an opponent in battle and avoid oncoming attacks with little to no effort." -FMA Wikia

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Ok...this ish is getting really old really fast

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