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Submitted by Scholla 938d ago | opinion piece

Is the Xbox One with Kinect an NSA infiltration tool?

CopEryte of CCU writes:
Many questions have surrounded the new Xbox One, the “draconian” always online DRM requirement (now reversed) and the requirement of the Kinect connected to the system in order for it to function.

What initially started out as a conspiracy theory has been given a bit of credence by the revelation that the company has admitted to cooperation with US government officials in handing over user data (including access to Skype, email, instant messaging info, etc). Whether or not Xbox Live data was handed over was not revealed, however one must surmise that this too is covered under the Patriot Act and its wide and deep reaching arms.

To get a bit of clarity, let’s go back and take a look at the digital lives I’m quite sure most gamers live and the lives of non gamers as well. (Xbox One)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II   939d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
Bigpappy  +   938d ago
You guys really seek and submit this same stuff over and over, yet no one reports it as duplicate or old. I think everyone who wants to know that Kinect will be used by the U.S Gov to spy on them got the message loud and clear.
Thepharaoh  +   938d ago
This is very old news.I honestly don't know why Microsoft is trying to sell me a Fuhrer King Bradly to put on my television minus the awesome and plus the spying. Well I guess that's what i get for my past of being a loyal customer.Oh well playing o a PC and ps4 will be enough
FlameHawk  +   938d ago
I don't understand the FMA reference :/.
zeal0us  +   938d ago
Fuhrer King Bradly has the "Ultimate Eye". However it does not work like a Kinect. It doesn't have any abilities that allow the host to spy on people.

"As a Homunculus, Bradley possesses a special kind of power in his left eye, giving him sight abilities that far exceed a regular human's eyesight; allowing him to read an opponent in battle and avoid oncoming attacks with little to no effort." -FMA Wikia
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BABYLEG   938d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
xActionBasturdx  +   938d ago
Ok...this ish is getting really old really fast
jackdaddy  +   938d ago
Like the xbOne lol
B-radical  +   938d ago
TheRealHeisenberg  +   938d ago
Are the cell phone companies and ISPs?
HOLLYWOODLAND   938d ago | Spam
HOLLYWOODLAND   938d ago | Spam
AzureskyZ  +   938d ago
I guess their is some concern with it, especially if the government corners them-- tell you the truth i fear malicious hackers more-- im mean x86 with windows, always on kinect--is like a dream come true. BTW MS pleads innocent that they are trying to fight the government for privacy, but people forget MS constructed a man in the middle attack to look at skypes data traffic--- prior to this skype was suppose to be a true end to end encrypted path.
keabrown79  +   938d ago
No... and well, NO!
Becuzisaid  +   938d ago
Are we really going to have to read these stupid articles all next gen? Yes MS has collaborated, is the govt going to peek on millions upon millions of people across the world - sorry you're not that important to peek on. Just do the right thing and you have nothing to worry about.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   938d ago
This site is really getting pathetic. These anti-MS articles and polls are really getting old. And it's not just MS that the NSA gathered information from. There are other devices out there that hold more info than Kinect looking at you.
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TheRealHeisenberg  +   938d ago
Bu bu bu back in 2006 all the hate and bias was towards Sony/PS3.
B-radical  +   938d ago
So people who have stayed on n4g haven't grew up since 2006?
TheRealHeisenberg  +   938d ago
@ B-radical

Unfortunately not. The sad thing is that most here are adults carrying on like this.

Edit: Of course some will say "Go find another website then. Nobody is forcing you to be here." Sad attempts to justify their childlike behavior.
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AzureskyZ  +   938d ago
Exactly its called a PC an most people use windows....i guess ms is boned either way
Hydralysk  +   938d ago

It's not enough to enjoy the system or dislike it, you need to constantly be posting articles showcasing why your console is better than the other!

I mean MS did deserve a good raking over the coals for the Xbone reveal, but over a month after most news STILL amounts to "Did we mention MS and the Xbone sucks?".

The NSA bit IS creepy because the Kinect is a device that is always on and always watching you. I would feel uncomfortable with that, but like you said, realistically the NSA probably gets a lot more information by looking at your browsing habits or Skype calls than it could by watching people who happen to be playing Xbox or watching TV.
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Electric-flamingo  +   938d ago
Thank you!!!

This site is going downhill fast
AzureskyZ  +   938d ago
Which site isnt-- people blast this site but every site seem to be littered with fanboys and trolls-- pick your poison
PimpDaddy  +   938d ago
I've been here off and on since 2007. This website has always been this way. At the expense of getting bubble raped I can honestly state that N4G is as Pro Sony/Anti Microsoft as they come.

It's really hard to have intelligent conversation/debates about videogames when the discussion is so one-sided and everyone bites your head off and down votes you for having a different opinion than the Pro Sony movement on N4G. I really wish the moderators would actually do something like um... MODERATE!!!

It's really a shame that the majority of the people with more than 5 bubbles on this site are notoriously vocal Pro Sony fans.

On topic: If Kinect truly ever proved to be an NSA trojan horse I will be the first person to sell all my Xbox consoles and games. That being said I can say with a high degree of confidence that Microsoft isn't that dumb!!!!!
Funantic1  +   938d ago
Yeah I thought the other 1 site was biased but this one tops the cake. I've seen misleading article headlines that other sites get right. 90% of these stories are anti-X1. That lets me know that the X1 is a bigger threat than previously thought. Sony fanboys are more concerned about the X1 than their own PS4. I don't even get to see what the PS4 can really do...only what the X1 can't do. What little that I've seen of the PS4 is not mind blowing. I hope the PS4 isn't a bunch of hype because it's supposed to be way way better than the X1 according to this know, just like the PS3 was supposedly better than the 360. All I'll get to play is poor little Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Halo 5, Killer Instinct, and the Illumiroom. I'm really going to be so sad and miserable. :-(
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Scholla  +   938d ago
Someone didn't read the article huh?
#12.7 (Edited 938d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Cherchez La Ghost  +   938d ago

You're right! I just read it. Because so much anti-MS articles come thru, I don't give the satisfaction of clicking links. But this article is good. Too bad it won't change the thought process to most here in N4G.
jamsam360  +   938d ago
Tell me why the government would want to spy on lazy ass gamers! This is getting really ridiculous! Yes lets spy on xbox 1 gamers they will lead us to hitler and those roswell aliens finally!!! See Frickin ridiculous! they will not learn nothing by watching me play a game!
RM-TatoTiburon  +   938d ago
the same thing over and over again?
Funantic1  +   938d ago
If the X1 spies on me I'll start a petition myself with "real proof" of them recording me. Then we'll put the X1 out of business and the PS4 will have no competition. Then we can enjoy our $800 all digital PS5s when they come out. We'll be happy gamers paying $75 for games...the ending you asked for.
Funantic1  +   938d ago
At least Microsoft is willing expose what info they gave up by allowing the attorney general to do so.
tiremfej  +   938d ago
I've had a PC camera for years, it hasn't gotten me arrested yet. I don't think the Kinect camera will either.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   938d ago
Developers dream: To watch you as you play their game. Even movie directors do with NV cameras.

They don't want to arrest you and make you look bad. Where would they get money from if users were being punished like that.

Xbox is really just helping the old mainstream media pioneers advance to next gen. They just don't need to show it off as much. Might scare alot of people but in time be the norm.
n4rc  +   938d ago
People also miss the fact that you can turn kinect off..

Only Sony fanboys say you can't.. Can't find the article on my phone but its out there..

The entire system can be completely powered off because some launch countries like Germany don't allow vampire electronics. (Devices that never turn completely off)

There is on.. Standby listening for Xbox on.. Then off off..
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mochachino  +   937d ago
All I know is when my girlfriend comes over she absolutely does not want a camera staring at her. Shame really.

She even checks my PSEYE to make sure it's unplugged and physically turns it around. I tell her my psEYE hasn't been plugged in since KZ3. Still she's so paranoid about being taped.

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