Behind Falskaar, a massive new Skyrim mod, and the 19-year-old who spent a year building it

A new mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Falskaar, was released over the weekend, and it is quite a doozy. Falskaar adds almost 25 hours of content, a land mass a third the size of the original game, new characters, new voices, and dozens of quests. As impressive as it is, though, it’s nowhere near as impressive as the creative force behind it: Alexander J. Velicky, a 19-year-old gunning for a job with Bethesda with his first try at modding Skyrim.

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CaptainYesterday1286d ago

I really respect people like this I would love to be a part of a project like this :)

Totoro171286d ago

I agree. Someone putting their heart and soul in a project that thousands of others can enjoy as well...thank you, modders :)

gamewizard991286d ago

He definitely should get a job. This is amazing.

Xristo1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

....once again: "Steam is now downloading The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can track the progress of this download in the Steam Downloads view...."

I just need to consider this game, along with Morrowind, "stickied" on my hard drive. :P

T1125P1286d ago

Please hire him now, maybe Elder Scrolls VI? :D

Aleithian1286d ago

Agreed. He has shown initiative, independence, and skill. He should at least get an interview. And he's only 19 - he could learn a lot over the next few years.

MidnytRain1286d ago

Anyone wanna bust a rhyme to that mix? ;)