The PS4′s Top Ten Features

TSA: "The PS4′s got a lot going for it: it’s cheaper than the immediate competition, has a growing line-up of exclusives and seems to be ticking all the right boxes with developers. But what are its top ten selling points? Its key features that set it apart? Its – crucially – selling points?"

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patsrule3161774d ago

There was one feature they talked about during the initial reveal conference that I haven't really heard about since, but I thought was an awesome feature: (I am pretty sure it was the head of Gaikai who said) You can download any game and play it for a while without paying for it. If you enjoyed it, you could then buying. The quote was something along the lines of 'Play all the games, and buy the games you truly love.' That is so much better than the demos we get now. Its the full game. You get started on the full play of the game and see how it really is. I hope they didn't get rid of this, but I haven't really seen it since. I think it is a top 10 feature.

Minato-Namikaze1774d ago

kind a like the ps3's full game trials? or is it something different?

patsrule3161774d ago

I don't know, I don't have a PS3, so I don't know about PS3's full game trials. On PS3, could you have downloaded and played the full version of The Last of Us on the day it came out and seen if you liked it and wanted to buy it? If so, then I guess it would be the same thing. I am switching over, I live in an Xbox house right now, but I am going to PS4 next gen.

I would imagine it was something new because of the way he talked about it, but maybe it was a feature that already existed for PS3 and that is why I don't hear about it more. But for me it is something new.

BulletToothtony1774d ago

I remember that as well, something about only buy what you love or something like that..
We may have to send some tweets asking questions about this.

Minato-Namikaze1774d ago

You get a hour of the game to play as much as you want but then after that you have to buy. Not every game has it but some do.

FamilyGuy1773d ago

Full game trials are currently exclusive to PS+ members. Not all games are included, even if they do have a digital release, The Last of Us for example ISN'T on there but Fuse is. It's a great feature, you download the full game, do anything you want for an hour, then you choose to buy it or not. After the hour has passed the content is locked but it stays on your system until you delete it. This way, if you want to buy this digital version an continue where you left off you can, at any time.

It's great but downloading an entire game takes a long time compared to downloading a demo. If you end up not liking it then it's a bit of a waste but it's still a great feature.

With Gaikai the downloading aspect is completely eliminated making it 1000 times better. Playing demos or full game trials INSTANTLY without ever having to download anything is amazing.

On the same note, every PS4 game released will have a demo, full game trial or free to play option so trying a game before you buy it will always be an option.

Can't wait to get mine.

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guitarded771774d ago

Remote Play is #1 for me.

CaptainYesterday1774d ago

Love it all! But I really hope Sony is dedicated to Remote Play this time around not to many PS3 games had Remote Play it was kind of disappointing :(

Thomper1774d ago

That is being generous....

It was shite, as has been vita support. I love my vita, but Sony royally pissed me off with the lack of games and overpriced proprietary memory sticks.

I hope and pray they deliver this time

PSN_ZeroOnyx1774d ago

All PS4 games are required to have remote play, unless it's core game mechanics require the camera and/or move. But all DS4 enabled games are required to support remote play.

TomShoe1774d ago

Every game that doesn't require the PSEye will have remote play.

Dammit Sony, just take my money already :D

iceman061773d ago

Remote Play for the PS3 was hindered by the fact that it was somewhat of an afterthought. For PS4, it was part of the development of the system itself. As others have stated, it doesn't require any extra programing for the PS4 because it is all handled by the system. The only issues will be the games that require Move and PS Eye.

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JessiePinkmanYo1774d ago

It's the features it DOESN'T have that interest me. No DRM, no restrictions on used games, no daily check ins, no mandatory Kinect/Eyetoy connection nor mandatory forced purchase of said named Kinect with a system, no stupid TV interactions...I bought it as a gaming console, not a box to switch between CoD and Price is Right.

Software_Lover1774d ago

There are a couple of fails with what you said, but I'll let you have your cake.

drsfinest721774d ago

ok you hate microsoft and xboxone... is that wat you was trying to accomplish? let everybody know how much you deeply hate ms n x1?

JessiePinkmanYo1774d ago

I don't hate MS or "Xbone" and have two X1s and a PS4 on preorder. It's MS' POLICIES that I hate

Hicken1774d ago

People don't seem to understand that you can dislike a company without having anything against ALL of their products.

"Since you hate Microsoft, you must hate using Windows, right?"

As if that's got anything to do with anything.

Lunarassassin1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

*grabs popcorn in anticipation of georgenoob trying to get further up microsofts ass*

Software_Lover1774d ago

Do you ever think that some of these accounts are just accounts to rub people the wrong way? I do.

FITgamer1774d ago

They definitely are. I don't see why people even respond to some of the comments on here that are obviously posted to get under the skin. Just fueling the fire. Put them on your ignore list, or just hit disagree, bubble down, and move on.

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