What Do Men Want From Games, Tech, and Mobile?

IGN - Apps are unpopular, as is Xbox One.

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Septic1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

In before PS4 for men, Xbox One for kids or some nonsense.

"while the majority -- 46% -- said they'd spend money on neither"

What?! These aren't real men!

Donnieboi1773d ago

Lol I love it when u guys act like PR control. Makes my day hahahaha

Septic1773d ago

Lol someone's gotta do it.

georgeenoob1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

This is cause of the bad press from the Xbox reveal, which was was all over the Internet. Many casuals didn't get to see the news of the DRM reverse since that wasn't all over the Internet the way the reveal was.

JunioRS1011773d ago

@ septic

we couldn't run an ad that said 'no portuguese' but... no portuguese.

SilentNegotiator1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

"Lol someone's gotta do it"

Uh, no, they don't. It's called "trolling" and/or "egging on" (still trolling)

Septic1773d ago


How is what I'm doing trolling? I'm just trying intervening before people start posting flamebait s***. I'm not egging things on at all. I've clearly stated that, that kind of sentiment is nonsense.

SilentNegotiator1773d ago

Stopping flamebait with flamebait.


Septic1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


You're so predictable (as always). I knew you would post that.

Anyone who has any reading comprehension can tell that I'm not trolling. I've clearly stated that, that kind of sentiment is nonsense so anyone who proceeded to make a similar comment (which lets be honest, this is N4G, is bound to happen- look below), will fall foul of blatantly typing said nonsense.

In fact, Donniuboi interpreted it as PR control, as if it was some attempt at damage limitation in favour of MS, which it wasn't. So there was no egging on at all. That's more that can be said about the vast majority of your comments on this site.

I can, hand on my heart, say that it was never my intent to stir s*** or troll people. Quite the opposite really.

And before you point out my reply to Donnieboi's comment below, I was posting in jest (I intended to point out the word 'boi' in his username).

Anyway, whatever. Think what you want.

DragonKnight1773d ago

In before someone says that that 46% are going to buy mobile and so that obviously means the death of console gaming.

@georgenoob: Are you serious? No, it couldn't possibly be because of forced Kinect and $100 more expensive for weaker hardware. It has to be because of the DRM only. And btw, the news that the DRM was reversed was most definitely ALL OVER the internet. Hence the Xbox 180 memes. It wasn't all over TV like the DRM was though.

nukeitall1773d ago

The survey also states the majority at 44% would rather have a new car than a promotion at work which is only 3%!

A promotion is a raise, that helps you get that car!


That's ok, if I work harder, I get more and you less! :D

Angeljuice1773d ago

@ nukeitall

The plural of sheep is 'sheep'.

Should have worked harder at school I think.

Stealthypengui1773d ago

Your picture and profile contains false information, just saying ""America: Where carrying Skittles and Ice Tea puts you on equal footing with a stalker carrying a gun", It's completely legal to follow someone on a public street, there goes your stalking claim and also can i just say you have been picked by the media, I want to ask you one question, explain the incident to me, what happened when he was shot ?

The_Con-Sept1772d ago

Can someone get georgenoob a groupie and put him in a small room with it?

Bad press bad press.... Bad press...

We don't listen to the press about their thoughts on a reveal. These journalists express a thought that came to them when Microsoft dropped their supposed bomb shells so people like you can try to understand it better. I don't need to read someone else's justification in order to better understand a situation. Especially when I saw and heard the whole thing myself.

What you can't get over is that you got addicted to the Xbox and now it is a big problem. Like the discovery that cigarettes cause cancer, you'd sit there and try to spin people away from the "facts" to keep them smoking. Or worse. You'd create an anti smoking campaign and become a big annoyance to the public. Instead let them make a choice. If they choose Xbox then let them. If they choose Wiiu then let them. If they choose PS4 too bad, let them. When it comes to being a fanboy you sure do fall under the category of a Sega fanboy.

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RedHawkX1773d ago

im a man and i want the best hardware and software so im going for he ps4 and guess what its cheaper. i dont need no kinect games for 8 year olds and fake milo videos lol. so childish the xbox is.

karl1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

omg what the heck happened to milo?

did it ever came out?

we need more fake presentations about awesome (but still fake) technologies that never ends up in games...

wave your hand in front of the screen to downvote me if u are browsing from your xbox 360

jeffgoldwin1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

" i want the best hardware and software "

So your buying a gaming pc then? So petty the argument between xbots and psfans over almost identical hardware. Like mice fighting over table scraps.

DragonKnight1773d ago

@jeffgoldwin: Why would anyone buy a gaming PC when the Holodeck is so much better? Can a gaming PC bring a game to life? Pff, let's see nVidia compete with that.

Xboxonefan271773d ago

Kinect games could be for grown-ups also and the Xbox One is not childish.

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abzdine1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

out of those who are gonnaor intend buy it, most of them are men. how'bout that?
i'll add to that that some women i know want PS4 as well :D

TomOfAllTrades1773d ago

Let me guess...?
Your one of those kids?

psyxon1773d ago

to be completely honest, that 46% probably doesn't even have the money lol. people love to bullshit.

CalvinKlein1773d ago

well I actually beleive this to be true for this new gen since the new xbox forces you to have a kinnect and is less powerful.

I dont have to put much thought into what one I want most because xbox1 is 100$ more expensive and sacrifices power for motion controls, and I hate motion controls/cameras/wands etc. Only thing I like is plastic guns and surprisingly there are none on kinnect. Thought that would be obvious for MS, pretty dense of them.

1773d ago
CalvinKlein1773d ago

I love those types of games. I had house of the dead 2 on the dreamcast and 2 light guns with auto fire and auto reload so you could use both and destroy everything.

Those were the only games Id spend money on at the arcades. Time crisis games, house of the dead, that jurassic park one, virtua cop, silent scope and that more recent one with the vibrating smg. I even remember some older one where one person drove and the other shoots stuff. I always loved those moving time crisis guns especially, sadly they were often broken.

Xboxonefan271773d ago

You hate motion controls,probably because you never tried them.You can buy a Xbox One with or with-out the Kinect.

DarkHeroZX1773d ago


I hated the Wii, didn't like kinect, and because PS move reminded me too much of the Wii I couldn't get into it. Motion control sucks. And no as it stands you absolutely have to have kinect to use the X1, that is why MS is bundling all the consoles with it.

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kickerz1773d ago

Well I'm glad I won't have to put up with any of you lot when playing my xb1.

DarkHeroZX1773d ago

Yeah because you'll be dealing with screaming 12 year olds.


lol,, if all the men are on the ps4, where do you think all the kids will be ??

kickerz1772d ago

You lot are screaming 12yr olds lol

nosferatuzodd1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

lol indeed I'm a man i want ps4 to show my man hood I am Zodd the demon king i will not settle for less

The_HarryEtTubMan1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

It's so funny watching the die-hard defend this turd. Xbox One...where sissy's unite!

Xboxonefan271773d ago

Xbox One is not for sissys

aLucidMind1772d ago

What about the ones who will have both lol. And no, xbox one isnt for sissies. Its just the inferior choice, and this is from a guy that loves his 360 just a little more than his ps3.

The_HarryEtTubMan1772d ago

I liked my 360 more than PS3 too. Xbox One is for little girly men.

I'm obv trolling, but yea Xbox One is lame and I think MS blew it. I'm building a PC and getting PS4 now and I used to play a lot of 360. I always chose it over PS3 until recently(like 2 months recently)

RedHawkX1773d ago

Im putting my ps4 in the man cave. xbox one goes in the garbage.

RyuCloudStrife1773d ago

stop trolling dude your comments are getting worse and worse

1772d ago
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InTheLab1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Just want a straight up game machine with all of that extra stuff on the side, and not right in my face. Also, a Kinect-less Xbox might be more appealing to men in general ,and real male gamers as well as real female gamers.

Donnieboi1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I'm a man, and I don't want an Xbox One either.

Donnieboi1773d ago

I stake my massive gaming collection on it.

If u gave me an xbox one, I'd sell it just to get a second PS4. Or better yet, I'll just get a Wii U with the money so I can have both PS4 and Wii U. Anything but that greedy corporate box made by MS.

Septic1773d ago

"I stake my massive....." now I thought you were gonna say something else here but alas ......



CEOSteveBallmer1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Hey septic, no disrespect but i always notice, whenever someone praises the PS4 so much or someone is giving a negative comment on xbox one you are there to reply and somehow debunk the comment. Yes your comments doesn't have direct saying about xbox is good xbox is better. but what bugs me is that you can't accept someone praising the PS4 or saying bad things about the xbox one. these are opinions bro no need to go all out. When I see someone defending the xbox one i just ignore it bec its his opinion or if a hater says something about the PS4 i don't care. I somehow feel your quite inclined towards xbox. i hope you prove me wrong then. because your comments looks "neutral" but i feel you like xbox better

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Thomper1773d ago


If you were a "hardcore" gamer with a"massive gaming collection" you would be buying both, like me.

You're obviously not, so.....whatever man

Donnieboi1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I do what me and my family always do when we dislike a system. We buy it used and some of it's rarest games when it's at the end of it's generation cycle. MS won't get a dime from me. Used, used, used...Microsoft's nightmare :)

While I buy my favorite 1st and 3rd party made games on PS3, PS4, 3DS, Vita (and Wii U at years end) games NEW. Gotta make sure that QUALITY game developers get supported.

So...whatever man <3

Lunarassassin1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Just because someone's hardcore doesn't mean they have to buy every system.
I think i've had just about every system that has been released since i was born.
But i'm not going to pay £80 more for a console weaker than its competitor and forces you to buy a camera. And i'm definitely not going to give £430 to a company that would want to take away the rights that i've had since i first started gaming just to make themselves more money.

Reborn1773d ago

I'm a gamer.

I buy what I feel offers the best value for money.

Sorry, money isn't just falling of trees.

Fyi, even if it was, I still wouldn't.

Hicken1773d ago

How long will you keep perpetuating the fallacy that a "hardcore" gamer MUST buy all systems?

Is that some way to try and justify why you're buying into crap policies while trying to make others feel bad for not doing the same?

Gamers also care about the industry, or they should, if they're more than casual. Just buying everything, period, is the sort of thing a casual gamer would do.

Are you a casual?

Tsukuyomi1773d ago

you cant call whose a hardcore gamer and who isnt you dont have that right that was pure ignorance you just showed

Nathaniel_Drake1773d ago

A hardcore gamer is not characterized by the amount of consoles he owns but the amount of passion he has for what he owns

AceBlazer131773d ago

did u play every single game released ever? no? then i guess ur not hardcore.

BlaqMagiq241773d ago

That is NOT what makes a hardcore gamer. That just means you spend more money. Get your facts straight.

Shadowsteal1773d ago

Pointless to buy a 360 just play Gears of War, Halo, Fable, and Forza. So we can be hardcore without playing those titles. If you miss out on PS3 then you're missing out on dozens of quality exclusives not just 4 franchises if you were to skip Xbox 360. That's just how I see it.


most hardcore gamers can see through the smoke and mirrors MS has been trying to put up.

most gens I have had both systems. I had a 360 and ps3, but I have no plans for a xbone. Maybe by some miracle ms will be able to convince me...thats a big maybe !

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Bluepowerzz1773d ago

quick someone approve this while i make the popcorn and poor some codeine into the kool aid.

mydyingparadiselost1773d ago

If your make kool aid you better share.... unless this is a cult thing... maybe I'll just make my own kool aid.

Bluepowerzz1773d ago

dude im adding codiene we can get high of my kool aid.

Seraphemz1773d ago

I wonder what georgeenoob prefers....hmmmm...

Lunarassassin1773d ago

It's funny because he now only has one bubble. He can't even argue anymore.