Quigley’s dismay at SimCity’s 'blundered launch' and why he quit EA

Talking about why he quit EA, former SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley told Polygon he had been "dismayed" at the botched launch of SimCity, in which EA insisted gamers play always-online, while failing to provide enough server capacity.

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ShugaCane1742d ago

His freedom of creativity is better off without EA. Smart move.

NYC_Gamer1742d ago

EA ruins the creativity of developers by running after huge profit

pompombrum1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

"EA's strengths are executing things with hundreds of people, to well-understood patterns"

For a creative person to say that has to be a sly dig at EA. You want your creative people to feel free to do what they do best, not create stuff to "well-understood patterns".

Also the launch was the icing on the cake.. how about how they turned Sim City into Sim Town/neighborhood?