‘State of Decay’ PC out before the end of 2013

Though fans were a bit disappointed about not having cooperative play in a future patch for the game, there is a bit of good news for PC fans. Undead Labs confirmed today that the PC version of State of Decay will release before the end of this year.

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BitByter1771d ago

Hopefully most the bugs and shit will be fixed by the time the PC version of this is released.

ATi_Elite1771d ago

yeh but too bad I'll be playing the crap outta DayZ Stand Alone

BitByter1771d ago

I don't really like Day Z especially cause it is taking them forever to do anything with Day Z but good for you man.

1771d ago
CaptainYesterday1771d ago

That's great I didn't think it was coming to PC I remember when it was first announced it was supposed to come to PS3 too. I'm looking forward to what modders do with this game :)

nofallouthero1771d ago

i wonder if there will be multiplayer mod like just cause 2

JunioRS1011771d ago

I play the sh*t outta this on 360 you PC guys are gonna love it <3

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