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The 12 biggest nitpicks of The Last of Us

GamesRadar: "It's been one month since Naughty Dog released its apocalyptic opus onto the gaming public. That's one month to scour every last inch of The Last of Us, one month to fall in love with Ellie and Joel through multiple playthroughs, and one month to poke a little fun at some of its microscopic flaws." (PS3, The Last Of Us)

CaptainYesterday  +   434d ago
Yeah I agree with some of these like how time fast forwards at certain parts in the game I understand why but I would liked to have played certain parts. Also I might be the only one who didn't like that Ellie can't be seen by enemies it broke the immersion at times, there was a part where a hunter was walking around and he bumped into Ellie it was funny but I wish they could see her.
ZoyosJD  +   434d ago
So true...and still my only knock on the game. But you still gotta love it.

RedSoakedSponge  +   434d ago
hahaha i love that comic strip :P
minimur12  +   434d ago
by the way guys, SPOILERS
ZoyosJD  +   434d ago

Don't worry.

You clearly haven't played the game, so I'll tell you now that this comic strip doesn't spoil anything story related. It's a parody on the AI.
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BluEx610  +   434d ago
@ZoyosJD think he's talking about the article. And yes the article has Major Spoilers in it. But if you haven't finished the game, you shouldn't be reading these types of articles to begin with. And also shame on you for not finishing this masterpiece already.
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ZoyosJD  +   433d ago

Then he shouldn't have responded to me seeing as I had a link.

The article has it's own spoiler warning.

I already finished the game, but then again that was totally intended for me, wasn't it. /s
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   434d ago
It broke the immersion but it would have been infuriating if they spotted her all the time and messed everything up for you. I completely understand why Naughty Dog chose to do it.
assdan  +   434d ago
I'm sorry, but I don't agree with this. The reason they cant do something like that is because it's not your fault what they AI does. When something that isn't your fault gets you killed in a game, it's called bullshit. Like in World at war on veteran when you are surrounded by 8 grenades. There's no challenge, the game just kills you for fun sometimes to make the illusion of difficulty. There are some things that I kind of agree with in this article, but most of the points are stupid. Also, does anyone have a clue what he was going on about with Bill?
CaptainYesterday  +   434d ago
Well I and a lot people think that Bill is supposed to be gay watch or replay Bill's part in the game.
assdan  +   432d ago
I should have been clearer with what I meant by what was going on with Bill. I agree that Bill was supposed to be gay. That seemed pretty obvious. I meant what the Hell was this guy talking about on the part of the article where he talked about Bill. It was incredibly disjointed and incoherent.
Xenomorph  +   434d ago
1. It ended
Mr_Nuts  +   434d ago
I do agree about the items still being their when it changed seasons and I totally agree on the crafting system how you couldn't use any kind of cloth or sharp objects for shivs off broken windows or anything else your found out there.
Xenomorph  +   434d ago
The point of this was lack of resources. Sure they could have made everything salvageable but ND wanted to make you conserve. If we are going to nitpick, how about the "I can easily reach this ledge about 2 feet above me" when in water.

Nitpicking old video game tropes isn't doing anything justice.
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andibandit  +   434d ago
Or the small things being picked at here just solidifies TLOU as a great game.
SeraphimBlade  +   434d ago
Yeah, I agree about the "combat medic" thing. When the game went to Winter, I was honestly hoping it would double down and have you play as Ellie the rest of the game. I just kinda rolled my eyes when Joel got back up and almost immediately started kicking ass. Good thing the rest of the story that followed was so damn good.
Also, it all happened because of the ONE TIME she doesn't help you when you get grabbed with her unbreakable knife. "Why didn't she stab that guy?" is right up there with "why don't they cast life on Aeris?"
linkenski  +   434d ago
Mine would probably have to be that the change from season to season didn't have a good flow. Summer is basically over 50% of the game and then fall and winter is just slapped on top of it. Another one is that Winter felt like a filler episode.
RIP_Weazel  +   434d ago
Huh? Winter's awesome-possibly one of the best in the game!
assdan  +   434d ago
The Winter part was the best part of the game.
linkenski  +   429d ago
It wasn't bad at all. It just felt like a spin-off.
Xof  +   434d ago
I only have one criticism of TLoU and it's not a nit-pick, it's a glaring flaw.

Remember when Naughty Dog made giant, open-world platforming game? What happened to that. All of their PS3 games have tiny, linear environments and some of the least fun platforming ever made.
InTheLab  +   434d ago
This isn't an open ended game nor a platformer.

Open ended games have their place, but all games don't need to be open world. Every game shouldn't be GTA.
Xof  +   434d ago
I never said it should be open world. There is some middle ground, you know, between a giant open world and tiny ultra-linear environments.

TLoU is just one shade away from being a rail shooter.
this comment is so derp

your complaint is equivalent to somebody saying they don't like star wars because they wanted it to be a romance
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Pancit_Canton  +   434d ago
If they did all that. The game would be impossible to beat and the gamers would be frustrated as hell and not be playable it all. You just have to remember. The game is still a game even though it has it's impossible moments.
InTheLab  +   434d ago
I agree with most of this list. Some of this stuff does raise an eye brow.

Particularly the fact that not even the rustiest of axes break when slicing into more than 4 dudes.

The shiv and breakable weapons gameplay are meant to push survival but man do I hate it every time I walk up to a shiv door and can't open it because a notch is missing from my shiv because of that clicker I stabbed.....
Y_5150  +   434d ago
They got something wrong there. She took care of Joel for a couple of weeks when he was injured. Not a couple of months.
Veneno  +   434d ago
You sure? Cause there was a pretty big transition from fall to winter. Definitely more than a few weeks.
Y_5150  +   433d ago
Note that David said "few weeks back" referring to his men being slaughtered by Joel and Ellie. It could have been a month away from winter from that transition so it's possible that it wasn't months away.

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