Create your own Battlefield 4 Dog tag

Recently the official Battlefield Facebook posted that they want to to see user designed dog tags, if you create something so epic they might even include it into Battlefield 4

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ONESHOTV21744d ago

K.I.A dog tag would be nice..... kill in action lol if some one didnt know

DeadManMcCarthy1744d ago

Yeah, i'd love to be able to create my own dog tags. Didn't really like any of the default ones in BF3.

DeadlyFire1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Tags should be personal and customizable. Not just kill stats. Add your own mix to it.

GentlemenRUs1744d ago

Expect to see a lot of KIDS make Peens and Boobs and...

SeanScythe1743d ago

Just wish it would let me add a clan logo to my guns, that would be nice. That was the only thing I liked about COD, you could add an emblem to your weapons. Maybe do a custom Rail image to your gun like they have in real life.