“Free to Play” or “Play to Win”… That is the Question

"Free to Play" games... or "Pay to win" games have been entering the gaming market more than ever this past year. Are they good for gaming? Are they the future of gaming? There are pro's and con's to these types of games and the WiHD Rocks! News Team will go in depth to tell you why.

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Need4Game1588d ago

AAA games made with zero money, that is "Free to Win", I thinks that's Okay.

RGDubz1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Basically it's the publisher selling the game piece by piece, if the game is free to being with then I'm OK with that, but if it's a full priced game full of microtransactions and DLC like EA plans to do next-gen then no, it's horrible for the industry.

TheUltimateGamer1587d ago

DLC and EA will get none of my business if that's the case. Which games are going to be full price plus pay for extras?

RGDubz1587d ago

Everything published by EA, it's just a matter of when.. EA is pushing for $70 games, full of microtransactions & DLC for next-gen consoles.

EA already announced $81 games in the UK, just a matter of time for them to announce $70 games in North America.

I think EA is going for the title of "Worst company in America" for the 3rd year in a row.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1587d ago

It is pay to win simple as that... and if you play free to play games and not put money into it... than you are nothing but cannon fodder for those that do pay.

This business model is the worst thing to happen to gaming out side of DRM on physical copys..

Firan1587d ago

I never liked F2P games. I don't like how those who open their wallet more has an advantage over those who don't. Funny how many people spend more money in F2P games than in P2P games.

GDDR6_20141587d ago

How do you like to be beat by people that have better gear because they spent more money than you.. That's F2P games for you

TheUltimateGamer1587d ago

Yes... that drives me crazy.

Coach_McGuirk1587d ago

imagine the satisfaction of beating the paying players.. without spending a dime

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The story is too old to be commented.