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"Final Fantasy XIV was what really dealt the death knell to the Final Fantasy brand. Although the series had been in a state of steady decline since the late Playstation era, it was the poorly made, ill designed MMO that Square released with the Final Fantasy brand name slapped on it that attracted the ire of everyone, and once and for all dispelled the notion that the series, at least the mainline numbered series, was synonymous with high quality role playing."

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1799d ago
Abriael1799d ago

"The character customization itself isn’t the most robust, betraying this game’s JRPG roots"

Wut? ^_^;; Is this dude drunk?

Firan1799d ago

Funny how he says "betraying this game’s JRPG roots" when most JRPGs don't have much character customization in the first place.

FFXIV has very good character creation although I would appreciate more face options, very flexible class system, rich amount of armour with the option to dye them plus more.

In short, yes he's drunk or he didn't play the beta long enough. Could be both too.

sGIBMBR1799d ago

You can dye your armour mate, you have to purchase the dye from one of the merchants.

Firan1799d ago


Yes I know. The "I would appreciate" was meant only for the face options.