Top 5 Most Popular Fighting Games Ever

CraveOnline writes: "With EVO 2013 having just wrapped up, now's the perfect time to recount the most popular fighting games ever."

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JonnyBigBoss1380d ago

It's amazing how popular that series is.

dbjj120881380d ago

Never really played Brawl because I hated the Wii by the time it came out. Hope that's not the case with Wii U as well.

Donnieboi1380d ago

Smash Bros, and Persona 4 Arena!

CaptainYesterday1380d ago

Why couldn't Bloody Roar be more popular I want a new one for PS4!

jc485731380d ago

this series needs some kind of reboot. The characters and transformations need to be a little more creative.

CaptainYesterday1380d ago

Yeah it really does it was such a crazy game I would love a reboot or even just a HD remake! :)

jc485731380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

WHile I know Bloody Roar has been released on other consoles, I think Sony can easily obtain an exclusive deal for this fighter. The guys (Eighting) are done with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, so maybe Sony can contract the creators to revive Bloody Roar. They should have plenty of experience by now to make great fighters.

Transporter471380d ago

KoF, SF and UMvC are the top of the world.

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