Vote to Localize — SEGA and Konami Polls

oprainfall writes:

“As we announced on June 5th, 2013, we have entered a partnership with Language Automation, Inc., (LAI), a company that specializes in game localization. LAI will be offering companies a discount on their localization fee if the companies choose to localize the games the oprainfall community votes on and promotes. There may even be ways that certain individuals within the community could be elected to help with the localization process! . . .

“Today, we bring you the first of hopefully many articles based on this partnership. As you will see below, we have two polls—one for SEGA games, and one for Konami games. These companies were chosen because LAI has worked on localization projects with them in the past. In case you are not familiar with any of the games listed, we have also provided descriptions so you’ll know what they’re about. Be sure to use the comments section to let us know why you voted for the game or games you would like to see localized!”

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kalkano1827d ago

I'll never give Sega another dime. So, it doesn't really matter. But...why is Shining Hearts on this list, instead of Shining Blade? Even Shining Ark would seem like a better choice.

Muffins12231826d ago

Eh...i will sense i buy the total war franchise :|

3-4-51826d ago

VC3 for sure. Even if they have to port it as is to Vita with no graphical upgrades at all.

majiebeast1826d ago

I voted Valkyrie 3 Sega could have made that a big franchise instead they decided to sabotage themselves. Sabotaging themselves is SEGA's life story at this point.

kalkano1826d ago

Seriously. They've got so many great potential franchises, that have either been completely destroyed, or are just collecting dust...I've never understood how they think, and I never will.

majiebeast1826d ago

Sega japan is lead by idiots that the only explanation, just like SE was run by a crazy man who trusted a fortune teller more then facts.

LOGICWINS1826d ago

I voted Yakuza 5. Hopefully everyone who voted shared this via their respective social media pages.

MrTrololo1826d ago

Vote for Yakuza 5. We already have a work in progress translation patch for Valkyria Chronicles 3

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