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Top Ten: Great Free To Play Games To Get You Through The Summer

Dealspwn writes: "Though the Steam sale is looming over our wallets like the sword of Newellcles, you can easily spend the entire summer playing any number of great games without paying a single penny. To that end, here's a list of some of the most outstanding F2P games out there, along with reasons why you can save some serious money over the coming months." (Black Mesa: Source, Firefall, Happy Wars, League of Legends, Neverwinter, PC, Planetside 2, Realm of the Mad God, Team Fortress 2, Warframe, World of Tanks)

nevin1  +   428d ago
whatever happen to unlocking characters by playing the game? lol
CaptainYesterday  +   428d ago
I know I miss that so much it sucks when characters and costumes are DLC :(
Blues Cowboy  +   428d ago
F2P games are starting to realise that. Everything can be unlocked in Planetside 2, for example.

Remember that these games are free, but have to make money somehow. A couple of quid here and there is probably not a big ask for something you'll play for 20 hours +.

That said, I still hate DLC that takes characters and stuff out in full-priced games. Either it's freemium or premium, you shouldn't have both.
Gran Touring  +   428d ago
Not to mention, Planetside 2's F2P model is pretty well implemeneted in that paying players have no strict advantage over players that dont.
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