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Mystic Chronicles Brings Old School Adventure to PSN Today

HeyPoorPlayer- It’s understandable if PSP and Vita owners are feeling a little burned today with the newly released Shin Megami Tensei IV making huge waves on Nintendo’s 3DS. But there’s still reason to rejoice. Even though gamers who only own Sony’s handhelds won’t be able to explore the dark and fascinating land of Mikado, they still get a pretty sweet dose of RPG goodness today in the form of Mystic Chronicles, just released in all of its 16-bit rendered splendor on the Playstation Network. (Mystic Chronicles, PS Vita, PSP)

mydyingparadiselost  +   370d ago
Might check this out, looks promising.
crazysammy  +   370d ago
Looks awesome, but I wish there was a "PSN" version that could be played on all devices (PS3, PSP, VITA) I know its not how making games works, but it would be great to play on my PS3!
dead_pixels  +   370d ago
I feel the same way. There are plenty of PSN games I wish got PS3 support. My wife and I enjoy playing a lot of RPGs together, and this is something she'd likely enjoy checking out. Not only that, but it sucks having to play in spurts because the Vita's battery life isn't the best.
DivineAssault  +   370d ago
ummm yes,, i will buy this.. trophies? reviews?
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ninjahunter  +   370d ago
Schwag, Always down for old school styled games, these days theres too much hand holding for my taste. Uncharted: Press forward to win, Call of duty: hold trigger to win, Battlefield: hide to win, its getting out of hand.
porkChop  +   370d ago
Hmm. Seems promising, I'll wait for some user reviews before I plop down $15 though.
3-4-5  +   370d ago
more rpgs = good

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