GameInformer- Dota 2 Review: Valve Raises The Bar Without Moving It

GI:How do you improve a game that has millions of active players, spawned an entire genre, and introduced new words into the gamer vernacular while it was still a mod for a decade-old strategy game? Valve chose not to, instead approaching Dota 2 more like chess. The game itself is sacrosanct and not to be changed, but everything else, from the infrastructure behind online matchmaking to its graphical presentation, is fair game for updates and improvements. The result, unsurprisingly, is a world-class service for a game that is just as brilliant and frustrating as it was when I fell in love with it four PCs and nearly a decade ago.

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Eldyraen1609d ago

Technically it didn't spawn the genre but it did take it to the next level and made it more mainstream. It was sort of the brilliant young son that overshadowed the father (AoS).

I'm just glad both were around as enjoyed a ton of similar mods pre-MoBA standalones. I spent more time on W3 playing DotA than anything else by far though. I'm sure some even bought it just for mods like Dota sort of like Arma 2/DayZ--except W3 was more popular/mainstream on its own. No denying its place in history though and DotA is a blast as well.

I sort of want the tutorial to be expanded into a Campaign though now as actually kind of cool on its own (idea anyways). Make it coop and level heroes independently per save (Radiant or Dire storyline or both having to collaborate)--I loved "RPG" mods in W3 for same reason ;) I think DotA 2 has me looking forward to a W4 now actually... I want my awesome fantasy based strategy and new generation of mods to discover. Someone needs to find me a fix.

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yeahokchief1609d ago

Bring it to the PS4 and i will play it. No thanks to spending a bunch of money on a pc to play 1 exclusive.

R_aVe_N1608d ago

I really don't like Dota 2 it just seems slow to me. I really don't care the champions at all either. (of course I have not played them all yet) I don't like the buy back when you are dead you should have to sit it out.