Will the PSP 3000 be the next big thing?

From the article:

''After the recent discovery of the PSP 3000 label (it was found in the online manual), things started to get real busy in the rumor world. People seem to believe that the new model will most definitely have dual analog stick.''

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Vip3r3703d ago

If this is true, I'll be trading in my old one for it.

Bleucrunch3703d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself vip3r.

CrazzyMan3703d ago

must have for me.

i hope it`s true, it`s all i wanted from psp, not even psp games, but having ability to rePlay some greatest psOne hits on psp in some road trip. =)

Genesis53702d ago

Well if you go by sales it seems the old PSP is the next big thing.

kosha3702d ago

yeah the psp is outselling everything at the moment.

Milky3702d ago

I really hope they don't call it psp 3000.

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MrWonderful3703d ago

i will for sure buy one but hold onto the two i have now as i would say the next one might use a small hd dvd or bluray format as a storge unit.

S1nnerman3703d ago

Or buy a PSP now? I hate having to buy upgrades ... <sigh> what to do?

MikeGdaGod3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

buy one now and get and extended warranty plan from the store.

Best Buy has it so if you buy the plan, and another PSP comes out within the timeline of the plan, you can swap them. i recently did the exact same thing when the slim model came out.

i sent my fat PSP in to Best Buy after telling them it kept cutting off. they sent me a gift card with the value of the PSP when i bought it, which was $250. took about a month.

i then went to Best Buy and bought the $200 silver slim PSP pack and still had the rest of the money to spend on whatever.

Snukadaman3702d ago

get the warranty from best buy and some best buys now accept walk in returns these days.

rawg3703d ago

I'm confused. I doubt that Sony would add a second analog stick to the current model and split their userbase that way.

However, a PSP2 with dual analog sticks, backward compatibility with PSP1 and support for PS1/PS2 emulation would be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.