Mega Man 2 | Air Man & Bubble Man | Favorite Game Level

Peter Tieryas continues his vidcasts of Favorite Game Levels by covering Mega Man 2. For many gamers, their first glimpse of the cinematic potentials of gaming was from the opening movie in Mega Man 2. There were eight full levels with wickedly creative game design and fantastic anime styled art to create a unique look. Even more amazing is that the developers had to work on the game on their own time because the first Mega Man didn't meet financial expectations. Unable to choose just one level, he covers both Air Man and Bubble Man.

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ilovepersona1738d ago

MM3 was the best for me. MM2 was a close second. Brings back memories.

Donnieboi1738d ago

Cool username. I also love persona (and Mega Man). Japan makes deeper games. Just wish they'd use more middleware instead of always making their own engines from scratch--so we can get more Japanese made games out this gen.

ilovepersona1738d ago

Thanks on the username! Anything they can do to speed up game development while not sacrificing quality would be welcome by me =)