Best Buy: Wii U Pro Controller for $25 today, MLB 13 for $20

If you've been looking for a Wii U Pro Controller, today may be the day to pull the trigger. As Best Buy's deal of the day, it's only 25 bucks, half the usual price. As Dealzon notes, the controller is sold out for shipping, but still available for in-store pickup.

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mewhy321799d ago

Is it just me or does this looks an aweful lot like an xbox 360 controller? Hmmmmmm.

Kingnichendrix1799d ago

it basically is but the analog layout is a ds3 in reverse they are at the top not the bottom

LOL_WUT1799d ago

It does look very similar but poorly executed I might have to pick one of these up. ;)

darthv721799d ago

just got back from Best buy. it wasnt advertised on the shelf but the register showed it was on sale. Not a bad deal and the controller feels comfortable in the hands.

deadeyes1799d ago

Thats what l thought until l bought one. It feels different on the backside. I wish Nintendo had just released this with the wii u and had the tablet be an add on or even left it out entirely and spent the extra cash on more ram...

ziratul1799d ago

A,B,X,Y were initially invented by Nintendo, First Analogues also invented by Nintendo... D-Pad invented by Nintendo.

dark-hollow1799d ago

But to be honest the shape itself looks very much like the 360 controller.

I love Nintendo but lets calls a spade a spade.

mcstorm1799d ago

I fins that a good thing though as the 360 controller has been the best controller to fit my hands and I have this for my Wiiu and it fits just as good as the 360s. If anyone buys a WiiU I would say they should get one of theses as well it is a very good controller.

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nevin11799d ago

I might consider The Show.

Parapraxis1799d ago

Still $49.99 here in Canadaland :(

Dunban671799d ago

Is there anything or game(s) in particular that the Pro controller does/works better than the wi u game pad controller? I use the game pad and the wii-mote (wii mote due to having a wii for several years and getting very used to it)

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