Why CVG Hates GT5 Prologue

CVG's Mike Jackson writes:

"I was pissed at Gran Turismo 5 Prologue this morning. Great game and all that, but when you spend ages trying to perfect a lap time only to find out that you're doing it TOO PERFECT to compete with the top guys, something's gone wrong.

So I woke up a little earlier than usual this morning. It's 5:46am and I'm done with sleep so, with two hours to kill, I contemplate my options. I could overdose on toast, subject myself to a bit of GMTV or, because it was far too early in the morning for you know what, I could play some games. (Or you could write some news maybe? - Ed)"

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LightningPS33905d ago

What's wrong with that idiot?

Maddens Raiders3905d ago

was wondering the same thing myself....

fenderputty3905d ago

it my be the sleeping recipient of "you know what" that might have prevented it?

GiantEnemyCrab3905d ago

fenderpuddy do you really think either of those 2 know about that. I think they were talking about "rubbing one out" which is I'm sure as much action as either have seen.

BilI Gates3905d ago

Really dumb article if you ask me.

Maddens Raiders3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I'm a huge fan of GT and understand Mark's frustrations. I played GT:HD day and night when it first launched and was apalled to see the best times during my time trials were from wall riders and bumpers (still cracked the top 100 in the Lancer).

Obviously, Kaz & PD are aware of this and that's why deformation is being added. I really don't care much about deformation (since I rarely wreck anyway), but have never understood why the same penalties (for driving off-road) that apply during the licensing tests aren't implemented into the time trials. It won't deter me from buyin the demo, but It'll make me steer clear of record setting and ghost loading until this is patch is available.

Close_Second3905d ago

...a bunch of complete w*nkers who can't compete by playing by the rules and exploit weaknesess in a game to come out on top. Its the only way they will ever get to see their name at the top of a leaderboard.

Ghoul3905d ago

actually i back his rant

and thats why gt NEEDS a damage system, it cant be a game is called "the most realistic driving sim" when you need to drive bumpercars to get the topspeeds

sonarus3905d ago

yea wall riders need to be stopped. I can't believe there is a way to get around the acceleration penalties. Polyphony needs to offer a fix asap

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Monteblanco3905d ago

It is a rant, but one that I can sympathize with.

MaximusPrime3905d ago

who Mike Jackson?

Just beat it.

Blademask3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

GT needs to add a penalty system to online. Desperately needs to.

I dug the Rally Course Time Penalty for bumping/cutting the road in gt4

thor3905d ago

Blademask have you beaten all the A class races? Because after that, you can go onto the races with penalties. Sure, there's not that many people playing, but you get into a nice race with 4-6 people and NO ONE BUMPED ANYONE ELSE ONCE. Also, everyone there can drive because they've all completed the A class races. It's only on the beginner races that everyone can join that there's all that pushing and shoving, with no penalties.

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The story is too old to be commented.