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Killer Is Dead is an upcoming action video game in development by Grasshopper Manufacture and to be published by Kadokawa Games in Japan, Xseed Games in North America and Deep Silver in Europe. (Killer is Dead, PS3)

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Fat Bastard  +   624d ago
Sweet boobs
izumo_lee  +   624d ago
Not sure if anyone remembers but there was this cartoon called Animaniacs & one of the sayings in that show was

"HELLOOOOO NURSE!!!!" Fitting for that image i would say.
Godlovesgamers  +   624d ago
Except she's not in a nurse's uniform....
izumo_lee  +   624d ago
Well she WAS in a nurse's uniform at one point but yeah its all relative i guess.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   624d ago
She still has her nurses hat on.
megatron00733  +   623d ago
She's the nurse.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   624d ago
I have decided this is my game of the year.
megatron00733  +   623d ago
And why is that so?
Fluke_Skywalker  +   623d ago
You answered that question yourself below! ;)
megatron00733  +   623d ago
HAHA. You said it :D
megatron00733  +   624d ago
Sweet, Milky big boobs :"D

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