Pikmin 3 is Helping the Wii U According to Major Japanese Retailer

Nintendo is counting a lot on Pikmin 3 to drive the sales of the Wii U, and one day before the release of the Media Create software and hardware charts there are already signals of some degree of success.

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IQUITN4G1740d ago

Pikmin is indeed awesome. I'll be enjoying this when I eventually get the machine. Bayonetta has me sold already but Pikmin is such a great franchise that I'm very much looking forward to this one too

Abriael1740d ago

Yeah I tried both Pikmin and Bayo2 at an event here in Italy, and they're both fantastic, alongside Wonderful 101. The only upcoming big game that kind of disappointed me was Mario 3D World, but Mario always disappoints me.

mcstorm1740d ago

I cant wait for this game the 1st Pikmin game I will of played but looks really good.

jcnba281740d ago

You're in for a treat.

mcstorm1740d ago

Ya I have high expectations on this game

Kingnichendrix1740d ago

What the WiiU needs is a killer new IP and use their tablet controller for something epic like I can think of maybe a flight simulator for example and on screen there would be switches dials and toggles now that would be great

TheEvilWithin1740d ago

FINALLY some good NEWS for Nintendo! I'm happy Pikmin is helping out with the sales of the Wii U. Hope Nintendo can keep the momentum going from here on into the holidays. Next up is Wonderful 101!

starfox791740d ago

Pikimin will defo help in the UK with a good advert or 2.