Studios Sony Should Buy To Knock Out Xbox One from Next-Gen Exclusive Titles Race

Well it's obvious that console which will bring more and better entertainment will rule ahead of rest, and when we talk of consoles, gaming titles are only thing which makes real difference. Nothing is more worst than watching your friend playing exclusive titles on his console which you can't afford to buy at the moment. Only way to bring more gaming titles or specifically exclusive gaming titles to their console is to buy more able and best studios who been developing excellent games for their consoles.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

From Software

Any of those would be nice.Sony is sorely lacking a good solid RPG dev.Not saying they would need them to "knock out xbox" by any means.I just mean like, funding and allowance of freedom and creativity that Sony gives their first party would really shine with those devs.

CaptainSheep1495d ago

Came in here to say this exactly. Level-5 has more of a chance to be bought but I honestly want ATLUS as a PS exclusive dev before ANYTHING else.

sunnygrg1495d ago


Persona 5
Ni No Kuni 2/Next gen Level 5 MMO
Demon's Souls

I can't say I don't agree with you.

I would also like to see Tri-Ace in there though.

Abash1495d ago

Sony should buy Sanzaru Games, let them make more Sly games and task them with bringing back MediEvil next

HammadTheBeast1495d ago

ATLUS is pretty much a PS exclusive publisher already. Only a handful of their games make it to other platforms.

Sevir1495d ago

Nah! Level-5 and Atlus are too big to be purchased, both Publish their own games and love their independence... And have a number of sub studios in the major regions.. Level-5 has a studio in Japan, US and are getting ready to open another in Europe... Atlus is the same thing...

The one who'd be more likely to be purchased is From Software.

georgeenoob1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

It's definitely going to be tough for them considering MS invested 1 billion dollars in exclusives. This is what happens when fanboys make fun of MS for not having as much exclusives for 360. Trust me, MS listens to the b*tching, then they go all out.

MS is known for their $$$. Sony, not so much.

HammadTheBeast1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


MS also invested $500 000 000 just for Kinect advertising, it only sold about 5-7 million more than the PS Move lol.

Also, Timed Exclusives do get expensive.

pwnsause_returns1495d ago

I agree.. ATLUS is a great publisher/developer. they make great games. I love me some persona

creatchee1495d ago


"MS also invested $500 000 000 just for Kinect advertising, it only sold about 5-7 million more than the PS Move lol."

Kinect has cost between $100 and $150 over its lifecycle, which means that's anywhere between $500 million and $1.05 billion in additional sales.

I can has fun with numbers too!

YNWA961495d ago

C'mon guys, relax... for every Georgenoob, there is 10 the same coming back... Hammad, good work with the numbers... you must have got that from the powa of the cloud. Sony are not going to buy studios, either are MS, its all about DLC deals, extra perks... both have 1st party, which cost a lot to maintain... This again is just another stupid article, fanboyism... total crap... this place is like someones wet dream right now... and childish...

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Fireseed1495d ago

IDK as is Sony is already the go to console for Eastern styled games. Investing more into the reason most Xbox gamers stick with Xbox isn't going to "knock them out" anytime soon.

Godmars2901495d ago

Only if they do more PSV titles. Aren't pushed/forced into making PS4 games and the required high budgets.

Likewise Atlus and Level-5 support the 3DS too much. Much of their value as companies comes from other titles.

Minato-Namikaze1495d ago

I think level 5 and atlus supports supports sony quite a bit.

MWong1495d ago

I would love for Atlus, Level-5 and FromSoftware to go PS4 exclusive. But as mentioned for sure Atlus and Level-5 are very big studios, so I doubt it would happen. Besides those studios love Sony.

Donnieboi1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Atlus for sure. If MS bought them, they would force kinect and milk them. If Nintendo bought them, they might not appreciate the dark themes and religiously offensive things in their series (despite the fact they are making SMT vs Fire Emblem, I doubt we'll see SMT's "demonic" themes, sexual innuendo's or religious blasphemies in a Fire Emblem/Nintendo game). But if Sony bought them, they'd just let Atlus do whatever.

But personally, I would like if NAMCO bought Atlus. Because Atlus can still put their games on multiple consoles (nintendo, Sony, ms, pc, browser, phone) without anyone having to miss out on their awesome games. But if Namco can't afford it, only then would I prefer Sony. And NO it's not cause i'm a Sony fan, it's because I want Atlus to not be compromised as a mostly underground, Indie-type, offensive, thought-provoking, politically-incorrect, religion offending, gruesome, spiritual, sexually provocative story tellers that they have always been.

Long live Atlus!

Donnieboi1495d ago

Also, for anyone interested, there's currently a petition to get SONY to considering acquiring ATLUS from their parent company who is going bankrupt (Index).

Chaostar1494d ago

According to your petition link...

"Sony has confirmed today -- July 1st, 2013 -- that they have purchased exclusive rights to Atlus Games, and they will delegate them to SCE Japan Studio to begin working on new Shin Megami Tensei and Persona games for PlayStation 4."

CLOUD19831495d ago

Very good choices I had those studios in my head also I really hope SONY buy some or all of them, & in general what SONY needs is first-party studios specialized in JRPGs PS3 era was atrocious compare to PS1/PS2 I hope next generation is better... oh how I miss PS1/PS2 days..

Gimmemorebubblez1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

The biggest mistake Sony made was not to purchase BMG Interactive (Rockstar, Irrational) back in 2003. They were involved in talks but decided not to. Sony spent 2.5 billion USD last year on acquisitions (Gakai, Olmpus, EMI ditributon etc) but they have spent practically nothing this year. I don't think myself Sony will buy anyone major. In March this year Take-Two Interactive was valued ONLY at 840 million USD, almost a sixth of their all time high. I was suprized Sony, Microsoft, Activision or EA didn't buy them out considering they own the likes of GTA and Bioshock. I think Sony will acquire Quantic Dream, Ready at Dawn and perhaps Atlus (considering Index Corp's finances) over the next few years. Sony should continue to strengthen existing studios and continue strong relationships with external devs. While I think Sony WWS is good enough I can't help but feel they are missing a dedicated RPG studio. Hopefully Guerrilla Amsterdam's new team that is "supposedly" working on a open-world RPG can match up to the likes of CD Projekt Red and FromSoft.

Edit: Here is a list of what Sony WWS and partners are rumored to be working on.

KiRBY30001495d ago

very interesting link, thanks for posting it.

black0o1495d ago

Atlus Or Level-5 will be overkill

3-4-51495d ago

We need 2D sprite Turn-based JRPG's.

There were 72 RPG's on the PSone.

We need to get back to that + tactical RPG's + 3D platformers.

fardan851495d ago

Sony don't need to buy lots of studios. Only 3 studios, one for fighting games, one for RPG, and Quantic Dreams.

What they really need to do is to increase the number of employees in the studios they have, then split them and make teams. Let the new staff learn from the seniors, seniors should share their experiences, team work between all studios.
Imagine having 3 teams in Naughty Dog, one for UC, one for TLOU, one for new IP. Same thing for other studios.

Getting a yearly quality game from each studio. Each studio have 2 titles or more to work on.

nunley331495d ago

I like that idea,that should happen. when the ND team split maybe thats why U3 wasn't as good as U2.It was good but not as good as U2 and the multi wasn't as good either.

fardan851495d ago


I do agree with you that UC2 is better than 3, but UC3 is a high quality game. It's fairly close to UC2.
I can't comment on the mp portion since I'm not a fan of mp.
When ND team split into 2, we got UC3 & TLOU. 2 great games. I want the same with other studios.

nunley331495d ago

from software is the more likely of the 3 but atlus's parent co. is going broke so they could sell atlus to get them a moneycheck.

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starchild1495d ago

Yes, that's all we need. Jeeze.

Buying up game studios to keep games away from people that game on other platforms.

That crap sucks. All Sony does is buy up studios to lock up exclusive rights to their games.

It's a horrible trend for gaming.

Ausbo1494d ago

Sony doesn't have the cash to throw around to buy random companies. They have enough.

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ShugaCane1495d ago

This "Next-Gen Exclusive Titles Race" will have a funny turn once Naughty God reveal their next game for the PS4 :)

(cool list btw, Sony should definitely buy Quantic Dream)

HammadTheBeast1495d ago

Lol. Let them have their moment. It'll be funny once Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, and Studio Japan show their games off. Not to mention the other 14 studios.

PigPen1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

It is funny now, Sony needs money. They aren't thinking about buying any studios, but you all are.