Diablo III Team Never Received Xbox One Dev Kits, PS4 2014 Release Date Explained

After it was reported that an Xbox One version of Diablo III is in the works, the Blizzard Diablo III team has clarified that, and explained the 2014 release date on PS4.

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Wedge191705d ago

Only PS4 for Diablo III next gen. A lot of sites are reporting the wrong information right now. Glad the truth is finally out there.

Sev1705d ago

Thank you Agent Scully... or is it Fox Mulder?


Enemy1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

The reason they never got dev kits is because Microsoft weren't even ready to share them. All their E3 demos ran on PC. It's obvious they didn't even have the dev kits ready for Blizzard either.

Makes me wonder if the console is even ready to come out this year. The UI demo was fake too. Seeing it person, it's a lot slower. If Microsoft rushes this out the gate just to be able to go head to head with PS4, we could all expect a very bad failure rate. That ugly powerbrick is going to explode.

testerg351705d ago

Enemy, I believe several were running on xb1 hardware (ie: forza).

1705d ago
nukeitall1705d ago


You are misinformed:

"When it comes to the state of software development on PS4, the situation as it stands is surprising. On the one hand, freely playable first-party titles such as Knack and DriveClub suffer from noticeable frame-rate stutters down from 30fps, while on the other, "hands off" demos for the new Infamous and Assassin's Creed games appear to run without a perceptible hitch. This is in stark contrast to the playable software confirmed to be running direct from Xbox One hardware, such as Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct, which benefit to no end for targeting the 1080p60"

SpideySpeakz1705d ago

Their was a NeoGAF source that said MS wasn't even planning for a 2013 release. This was weeks before the Xbone reveal. Their original plan was for 2014 near Christmas. Sony forced their hand with the Feb reveal.

pixelsword1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

"PS4 2014 Release Date Explained"

We're, um, waiting for the Xbox One.


Mounce1705d ago


That and I think this rides on the same problem as any other multiplatform online game is Microsoft isn't willing to show Blizzard any attention because Microsoft DEMANDS exclusivity, they do not want Shared servers, they know PS3's getting it and PS4 so, Microsoft would 'ALLOW' or to their minds 'Give permission' to Blizzard to make Diablo 3 on 360 or X1 if they got exclusive content or timed exclusivity. I'm getting the impression that Blizzard isn't going with that or are discussing things behind closed doors

MWong1705d ago

@ nukeitall

Thanks for the old article has there been a newer article? Take in mind this is an E3 article when a lot of the PS4 demos were run on same spec PC's and some dev kits. A lot of XBone demos were run on higher end PC's with better graphics cards (NVIDIA), which won't even be in the XBone. I don't mind those articles but remember it's been a month already any of those frame rate issues would most likely be fixed.

nukeitall1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )


I haven't seen any article, but I think it is stupid to have this conversation in the first place. Of course, there will be hiccups and unfinished software during launch development on all platforms. Why are we judging a platform before it is released and making false assumptions.

There is no reason to discuss this. My point was to point out what *you* and many others (including Enemy) are incorrectly stating that Xbox One games weren't run on Xbox One hardware during E3 and that everything isn't sun and daisies across the pond either.

There was only one game (of first party) shown on PC hardware and that was Lococycle as pointed out here by the devs themselves:

Also, notice how Jonathan Blow is on a mission to smear the Xbox One/MS.

Anyhow, all Xbox One games playable on the floor was on Xbox One hardware.

I haven't seen anything about the PS4 development status, but keep in mind that a lot of these demos or done way in advance of the actual current state of their build i.e. it takes a lot of resources and they do it in advance, not the day of from the latest build!

People can disagree all they want, but A FACT IS A FACT RIGHT?

MWong1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

It's ok you can let that article help tuck you in at night. The bottomline is I always find it funny that people will fight tooth and nail for their console. I could careless who sales more consoles, I'll be playing both the PS4 and XBone (eventually). I still use my PS3 & Wii and have my XB360 for GoW every once in a while.

Also from that article it looks like more than just 1 station was being run on a PC/Alpha Dev kit. Also since you obviously know M$. You know M$ acknowledged the PC's/Dev kits being used were running on Windows7 & Nvidia GTX 700 series GPU. I don't care if it's a dev kit or a PC to run demo's on you say it's right to use something that has a different CPU & GPU than what your system is actually going to use?

I want you to really think about it and tell me not being a fanboy. Being a gamer and tell me if you think that makes sense?

Ju1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

@Nukeit...maybe some more quotes from the same article?


"No smoke or mirrors from Sony - everything we saw was running on PS4 hardware. But it's still early days and many of the games clearly require a lot of optimisation."

Or this:

"We leave Sony's E3 booth undoubtedly impressed, with two key takeaways in light of the Xbox One's rivalling offerings. Firstly, though almost all launch titles on show appear to be running directly from PS4 hardware, it's a touch disappointing to discover the likes of Thief and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag are only currently being demonstrated by proxy of an on-hand developer. This was a very closely guarded event indeed, suggesting a lack of confidence in the progress of development for some of these titles."

What to make out of this, huh? Fact is, that PS4 titles ran on dev kits, X1's are unclear.

MonChiChi1705d ago

Freaking Hulu X-file ad playing right as I read your comment.


1Victor1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

come on people give nuketail a break after he saw PS4 was going to be $100 cheaper he went into hibernation and just google searched like "google search for good X Box one news"........searching... ......... No good news was found :(
@ TheRealHeisenberg just like in 2006 trough 2008 it was for ps3 owners here just endure like they did because payback is a b****

Andreas-Sword1705d ago

Diablo 3 on PS4 will be fun.
Day 1 buy!

abzdine1704d ago

so in other words Diablo 3 is PS4 exclusive right now.

BallsEye1704d ago


No, Diablo 3 is on 360.

abzdine1704d ago


ok i'll rephrase that..

so in other words Diablo 3 is PS4 exclusive on next gen consoles right now.

i know it's coming to PS3 but the same game on next gen and old gen everyone who has a next gen console will go for the new thing i guess.

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mewhy321705d ago

Well I feel like it'll probably come to both systems eventually. The PS4's controller is better suited for this game with it's touchpad.

Wedge191705d ago

Eventually sure, but sites shouldn't be reporting confirmations that it is coming to the Xbox One when it hasn't been announced for the Xbox One.

FanboyCrusher1705d ago

How so? This game is pretty simple, it hardly requires many buttons, I don't think the pad will make a difference.

andibandit1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

"The PS4's controller is better suited for this game with it's touchpad"

Amazing conclusion, since in the article, the devs are still thinking of ways to use it....

Death1705d ago

Didn't have much of a problem running it with my 360 pad on my PC last year.

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TheTwelve1705d ago

No, it'll come to Xbox1 eventually. But again and again we're seeing that Sony caught Microsoft with their pants down. How that happens with companies this big and with the stakes so high, I don't know...but it happened.


mikeyphi1705d ago

Sony practically 'Pearl Harbored' them by feeding speculation that their next-gen console would be released in 2014 and saying that they would let Microsoft make the first move...then jumping to the forefront the next month by holding a press conference announcing a console with better than expected specs that would be launching earlier than expected. I'd honestly think there was some corporate espionage involved or M$ just misread Sony's intentions...

irepbtown1704d ago

Before the Feb conference I was positive X1/PS4 would be 2014. I was surprised when Sony revealed a Holiday 2013 release date.

I can't complain though, I'm happy :D
I doubt the same could be said for Microsoft.

christocolus1705d ago

Am i the only one seeing what was written in this article?

"As for the console versions of Diablo III themselves, we already know that the PlayStation 3 gets the game this September, but as the interview reveals, it won’t hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One until 2014. This is because they’ve only just recently received their next-gen dev kits, and they want to try to get the most out of each platform’s features, rather than just doing a straight port."

from the above statement they just received both ps4 and xbox one dev kits recently so why the fan boy attacks on ms ?

TheRealHeisenberg1705d ago

They need all the anti MS stories they can get to make it through their sad days and to sleep better at night.

I just don't get why these fools want so badly for MS to fail at gaming. It doesn't matter.

Just agree that MS is the devil and all will be bad, I meant M$.

kewlkat0071705d ago

you are correct.. The title is the most important thing to read on this site...

PSN_ZeroOnyx1705d ago

” christocolus + 9h ago Am i the only one seeing what was written in this article?

"As for the consoleversions of Diablo III themselves, we already knowthat the PlayStation 3 gets the game this September, but as the interview reveals, it won’t hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One until2014.This is because they’ve only just recently received their next-gen dev kits, and they want to try to get the most out of each platform’s features, rather than just doing a straight port."

from the above statement they just received both ps4 and xbox one dev kits recently so why the fan boy attacks on ms ?”

That was the original article, the revised article clearly states from blizzard that they only said next gen referring to PS4 BC they never got an X1 Dev kit and therefore have not started on it. Read and comprehend, then speak.

Consoldtobots1704d ago

anyone that doesn't get why people want MS to fail should really just retire from the internet.

Ju1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

PS4 dev kits were available months ahead of X1s. No surprise there. (Blizzard are not the only ones)

Wedge191704d ago

That was the original story. The update states that they never actually received Xbox One dev kits.

christocolus1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

PSN_ZeroOnyx - It doesnt change the fact that the hatred towards the xbox one on this site is so obvious.. Yes ms has been slow on catching up on a few things but that doesnt make them the anti christ.I think gamers need to grow up and be logical before posting comments. negative articles about xbox one are quick to make headlines here , sometimes i have to search out of N4G to get positive articles.imo its all being blown out of proportion. Microsoft and the xbox one will do well and so will the ps 4.Once these consoles are launched i feel a lot of this hate will stop cause gamers will realise the xbox one aint that bad at all...bst of luck..and as for diablo III i believe it will come to the console at some point.

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Godlovesgamers1705d ago

"Only PS4 for Diablo III next gen. A lot of sites are reporting the wrong information right now. Glad the truth is finally out there."

Oh yeah? Why is that, you have stock in Sony?

SymphonicRain1705d ago

You're religious right? I thought you'd be glad the truth is out there.

Wedge191704d ago

Nope, just because I can't stand when the general public has misinformation. Which generally means that I can't stand a lot.

Godlovesgamers1704d ago


I'm not religious, I just love The Lord.

doogiebear1705d ago

Nobody cares about a old game like Diablo 3 anyway. Old is old.

TimeSkipLuffy1704d ago

I still play old games. Like Monkey Island and such XD
Old games are cool! And furthermore I don't have a lot of time because my social life keeps me busy so when I actually can start a game it is already "old"...

ATi_Elite1705d ago

WHO cares? It's not like consolers are gonna rush out and buy Diablo III.

instead of wasting time on a console version Blizzard should of made more DLC for the PC version. you know the one that sold over 13 million units on the PC.

Thanks Activision for finally messing up Blizzard.

1705d ago
BallsEye1704d ago

Never EVER in the interview it was stated that they didn't receive xbox one dev kits. Author of the article added it himself (reading the url of the site leaves no illusions why is t? wtf...)

1704d ago
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Gekko361704d ago

@Wedge19 Hmmm, read ghe article for this but it doesn't say it's not coming to XBOX One, then I read this article below and it says it is.

Seems devs are not being clear

bligmerk1704d ago

There was more evidence Sony and the PS4 are much further along despite all indications MS finalized the XBone design late last winter. That evidence is the PS4 dev kit was submitted to the FCC. This is a very big step towards production, the dev kit submitted to the FCC is very close to final design going into production. If we don't see something similar from MS very soon, like within the next month, then that will be more proof MS is not ready to go into production with the XBone or there is a mad scramble going on in the background to somehow upgrade the configuration. Either way, this is looking more and more like a huge mess for MS. The writing is going to be on the wall by Gamescom. If evaluation PS4 units are everywhere there, and if MS is still pulling their stunt that a high-end gaming PC with an nVidia GTX 780 graphics card is "equivalent" to the XBone, then the end game begins.

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TrendyGamers1705d ago

I wonder if it'll come to Xbox One eventually, after the PS4 one.

Wedge191705d ago

More than likely it's a timed exclusive.

Parapraxis1705d ago

Yup, just like Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 (which will be given the ol' renamed trick like Ninja Gaiden)

Salooh1705d ago

It's not a timed exclusive. How will they make a game for X1 if MS didn't send one for them. It's MS fault. However titanfall have no excuse , MS didn't fund them or anything. They just got a deal from MS to be timed exclusive..

Godmars2901705d ago

not seeing anywhere in the article that they don't have XB1 kits.

doctorstrange1705d ago

First paragraph "no announcements regarding an Xbox One version of Diablo III were made and they never received dev kits, with the ‘next generation’ references just pertaining to the PS4."

Bzone241705d ago

That's what the article says, but in the actual interview, nothing is said about the Xbox One or Xbox One dev kits. Nothing.

The actual update was: To clear up some confusion: No announcements regarding Xbox One were made in this interview. Any reference to development of 'next generation' platforms or potential release dates was expressly referring to the PlayStation 4.

The author of the article added "and they never received dev kits" for some reason. It wasn't in the interview.

sorane1705d ago

Who cares it's a horrible game. Don't get suckered.....

FanboyCrusher1705d ago

It's basically Diablo 2 except it does everything a lot worse, minus looking pretty.

pyramidshead1705d ago

Doesn't even look that pretty :/. They kiddyfied i to gain a wider audience, D1 & 2 were much more gothic and darker, especially D1.

HammadTheBeast1705d ago

Agreed. Not to mention the Auction house just defeats any purpose of playing the game.

Drekken1705d ago

It is nothing like Diablo2.

dredgewalker1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Diablo 2 is a masterpiece that I still play to this day. Diablo 3 on the other hand is a game that I can play and then forget after finishing it. The always online feature is an abomination that made me hate the game even more. I am pretty certain that this always online will also be implemented in the console version.

edit: I didn't know there was an offline mode now....but still i prefer Diablo 2

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thekhurg1705d ago

They fixed what was wrong with the game by removing the auction house, fixing item drops and giving people an offline play for the console versions.

Your statement doesn't really carry a lot of weight.

PurpHerbison1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

It still doesn't look like a Diablo game. They should of fixed the title while they were at it and gave it a completely different name.

thekhurg1705d ago

WTF are you talking about. It plays just like Diablo. You kill mobs by the dozens, you kill bosses, and you collect lots of loot.

The only difference they made was the skill system no longer forces you to reroll every time you want to try something new. You also get credit for killing elite packs and bosses which gives you a stacking buff up to five that gives you additional experience, gold find and magic find boosts.

TheEvilWithin1705d ago

Well guess Xbox fans that were looking foreword to this will just have to pick it up on the 360. I have a copy of the PS3 one on pre order and a note in the system to transfer it to a PS4 copy once they get the SKU. I want to the cool add on items for my avatar.

TrendyGamers1705d ago

PS4 version is up for pre-order, isn't it?

OT: Are you tied for the least amount of bubbles on N4G right now?

TheEvilWithin1705d ago

Last I checked at my local Gamestop it wasn't.

Not sure about the whole bubble thing. Don't really care cause I could always make a new account if I cared about my bubbles. lol