Rockstar Neither Confirm or Deny Cheats in GTA V

Rockstar respond to an email query on whether cheats will be included in GTA V, just like they were in other Grand Theft Auto games. The response is neutral, but if I had to say leaning towards saying they will be included.

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ShugaCane1169d ago

Cheats are part of the GTA lore. They'll be back.

iamnsuperman1169d ago

I hope they are better than GTA IV's. My favourite cheats off all time came from GTA 3 with everyone has guns and everyone hates you. Just pure hectic funness

PommyGit1169d ago

Yes the ones in 4 were crap

iMaim1169d ago

GTA with no cheats? It's like they don't want my money.

Frenchie861169d ago

That would be taking to the extreme. I will still buy!

Wuket1169d ago

haha would be a bonehead move if they removed them for sure, and for that reason I think they'll still be there.

toxic-inferno1169d ago

I don't really consider this news. They neither confirmed nor denied cheats beforehand. All this 'news' is saying is that they've confirmed that they are neither confirming nor denying cheats.

bub161169d ago

"Rockstar Neither Confirm or Deny Cheats in GTA V"

So the point in the article is?

Becuzisaid1169d ago

I didn't read the article, but I read that title as "Rockstar confirms cheats in GTA V" just for being coy about it.

CaptainYesterday1168d ago

I would be surprised if there weren't cheats if there are cheats I hope flying cars makes a come back!