DualShock 4 vs. DualShock 3

Just how similar is the new PlayStation 4 controller to the one that PlayStation 3 gamers have been using for nearly seven years? At a PlayStation event in New York City yesterday, kotaku were able to put a model of the DualShock 4 up against a DualShock 3.

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mewhy321800d ago

The dual shock 3 was and is, a great controller but is just a little too small for my hands. I found myself buying third party contollers. With the DS4 I hope that the increased size will fit better in my hand for those extended plays of Killzone Shadow Fall.

Isis061800d ago

Our hands have grown!

HardcoreGamer211800d ago

the dualshock 4 seems perfect in every aspect, can't wait to try it! :)

Software_Lover1800d ago

I agree. I'm loving the fact that they made it bigger. Now I just need to get my hands on it.

DivineAssault 1800d ago

beautiful & cant wait to get it

adamandkate1800d ago

never ever used a dualshock controller. this gen is going to be my first

Kingnichendrix1800d ago

I think because i been gaming on sega to nintendo to sony I have always like the DS and because it was consistant to design i just got used to it, I guess they were expecting a even newer generation of gamers to come to the PS and they redisgned the controller to suite more people? looks cool though, infact so does the Xbone controller

RAF-TECH1800d ago

DS4 > DS3

too many wrong things with the DS3. It is playable but the triggers and stick placements were not catering to the games. The design of the DS fit more so on ps1 gen and ps2.

I am really glad they overhauled the ds3 controller... not just of the bells and whistles.... but the comfort and feel.

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The story is too old to be commented.