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Submitted by Abriael 867d ago | news

Yoshinori Ono: No Ultra Street Fighter IV On PS4/Xbox One For Now, No Wii U as Well

Many have been wondering if Ultra Street Fighter IV could be Capcom’s stepping stone to the new generation, but according to Producer Yoshinori Ono that’s not the case as he explained on Twitter. he also denied the possibility of a Wii U version. (PC, PS3, PS4, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Yoshinori Ono)

AzureskyZ  +   867d ago
starfox79  +   866d ago
Only this site try's to not include wiiu as nextgen ??? if ono says no nextgen versions he means all 3 when are people going to wake up all 3 have same graphics power,RAM isn't a bottle neck with compression x10,chip RAM on ps4 is weak ENF OF dissagree with that all you like i know it's true.....
NexGen  +   866d ago
WiiU isn't next gen, that's why. Nintendo chose to do things their own way and it's biting them in the rear right now. They chose to make a new Wii that was (in terms of hardware) essentially the same as what we currently had available. They are literally about 8-10 years behind in terms of power when compared to the xb one and ps4.

That was their choice. Wasnt a good one, but it is what it is.
USA007  +   866d ago
You keep telling yourself that the PS4 is weak so that you can justify your money wasting away with M$.

And Wii U has the same graphics as xb1 and ps4? What are you smoking and can I have some?
starfox79  +   866d ago
In fact everything on ps4 is weak powerwise its the numbers that make it powerful ish,jaguar cores are moderate at best,1.6ghz is low,i know so is 1.24ghz,but there both low,only because there are 8 cores makes it powerful ect,and i'm not sure u can use all 8 cores on a game anyway i'm sure it's 4 max ? the ps4 gpu is moderate at best killzone 720p/30fps wow all this system RAM isn't showing show far......?


WiiU 1st gen graphics say hello.........
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gobluesamg  +   866d ago
^^Haha WTF are you on!?!
PrimeGrime  +   866d ago
Killzone: Shadow Fall runs at 1080p/30fps. Not 720p.

What has been currently shown has also only used 1.5GB of RAM in total for the game. That is already over what the Wii U is even capable of using which is only 1GB for games.

I mean they still have 5.5GB's of RAM to use with the newer PS4's, not the dev kits they were previously working with which had far less usable RAM. Knowing that these games shown off now can drastically change when they are released. That is why so many developers are so excited about these newly released specifications, having so much more to work with than the dev kits they had.

Trust me both the Xbox One and the PS4 will use all their cores. You are assuming consoles work like PC's which isn't the case, the reason games don't on PC is because developers have to make these games compatible across a wide range of different computers, they can never be fully optimized on PC with its current tech (odd to me PC's are still the same hardware wise, I believe they really need to change.. anyway). Consoles are dedicated gaming machines, now that they have the same architecture it is going to be a true sight to behold these next coming years because developers will be able to maximize every part of the system unlike on a random set amount of PC's that all have different CPU's, GPU's, RAM speeds, OS problems and new issues with new OS's..

Why do you think GPU drivers on PC are constantly being updated. That is because they are constantly having to fix compatibility issues.

Bottom line Wii U is built cheaply, which isn't a total negative but for its price when compared to PS4 or Xbox One it can be. Honestly with all of Nintendo's great success it always surprised me they build such cheaply made devices.

You can take it apart yourself and see that. IBM are really cheap to go with also, hence why it is using an IBM based processor as well. Even worse they didn't even go with IBM's newer power 7 based processors. Instead they went with the their older Power based ones.

The CPU and RAM are pretty cheap in the Wii U. Its only saving grace is the GPU. For what it is made out of it is a bit over priced in my opinion but that is another topic.

Probably wasting my time, you probably aren't grasping most of what I am saying. It is amusing now that Nintendo is finally making HD games, Nintendo fans that always said graphics never matter are now bragging about graphics just like everyone else.. Oh the irony.

What is kind of moronic about all of this that no on ever mentions is that the Wii U is using an AMD GPU kinda like the PS4 and Xbox One.. Just use your brain for a moment there and think about you comparing games on the Wii U to systems that use more advanced AMD chips with way more RAM for games, I mean way more.

The laws of physics aren't giving you any leeway to justify your points. Sorry.

Anyway don't come at me like I am not enjoying my Wii U, I bought one against my better judgement knowing it was over priced. I am just not the type of person to lie to myself about something just so I feel better about purchasing it.

It is what it is.
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Coltrane_C  +   867d ago
Dat Wii U....Where is my support? Only thing i use it for is a remote :(
Kingnichendrix  +   866d ago
They went full retard on this, released a console and had no games for it that most people would buy a wiiu for
Stryfeno2  +   867d ago
I have a feeling Darkstalkers 4 will be the first fighter Capcom will be releasing next gen.
KrisButtar  +   867d ago
I would buy the next SF if it came with every playable character they ever had, day 1.. the DLC, new never before seen characters
sephiroth420  +   866d ago
haha they'll never do that.
KrisButtar  +   866d ago
one can dream :)
josephayal  +   866d ago
I don’t imagine it will be green-lit until the next-gen systems have a strong user base. I’d expect it to be announced in 2016, and Wii u? MEH!
skydragoonity  +   866d ago
At this point I don't think any 3rd party games would be released on the wii u again
RAF-TECH  +   866d ago
this is sad news really.
games like this should be easy to make. especially if a chunk of the game is can be downloaded.

anywho, excited for the re-balancing of the game and new characters. *they should have put remy*
princejb134  +   866d ago
Good I wouldn't buy a capcom game again until they stop releasing the same game over and over again with a few extra characters. Like balance issues could have easily been used to patch the previous games but they prefer to charge people $40 for a patch and a few new characters smh.
HOLLYWOODLAND   866d ago | Spam
souljah45  +   866d ago
What about Vita?
worldwidegaming  +   866d ago
Ultra waste my money fighter 4.
We just got slayed. Its all good. I can beat homophobes with a tranny now, cool!
redcar121  +   866d ago
ono you are thick

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