Yu-Gi-Oh is Back on the 3DS

After a few years, the Yu-Gi-Oh video game series has a new title announced!

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Kanzes1615d ago

I really want this game on Vita so bad!!! ;_;

bsjkupo1615d ago

I couldn't agree more! Hopefully if this does well they may consider putting it on both platforms like the ds/psp era which would rock.

Kanzes1615d ago

Yep. I hope there's a Tag Force 7 for PSVita

Hydralysk1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Don't worry.

As long as you believe in the power of friendship and the heart of the cards, everything will conveniently work out the way you want it to.

Ddouble1614d ago

Damn this got me lol.

I still want it on Vita though

Blankolf1614d ago

They need to make it like this:

I mean we have the systems to handle it, I want some monster projected from the cards love :C


KrisButtar1615d ago

I've been waiting for another Yu-Gi-Oh game

Starbucks_Fan1614d ago

Is Yu-Gi-Oh still popular?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1614d ago

More popular than you or I remember I'm sure. It's become the next Magic The Gathering.

r211614d ago

Man, those characters...they hurt to look at compared the the first Yu-Gi-Oh series. Heck even GX, had ok designs.

andrewer1614d ago

agree...original was way better, wish they did a Yu-Gi-Oh game based on those good'ol times.

GT671614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

lol,i've been waiting on another YUUGI game since "CAPSOLE MONSTER" ps2....... be sweet they made one for ps3, ps4 60fps

time!!!! to DUEL.


FullmetalAlchemist1614d ago

I would love to see an original Yugioh game for ps4, instead of this new zexal crap

GT671614d ago

you got it!!! ME TOO.

Elric, haaaa how is Alponso doing??? get his butt out of that sardine can haaaaa j/k

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