Destructoid Review: Dynasty Warriors 8

Fun Shui

Jim Sterling writes "Dynasty Warriors 8 takes place in the far future, where three rival cyberpunk gangs duke it out on the streets of Neo New York, armed to the teeth with laser fingers, eye-whips, and guns that shoot acidic screaming skull bullets.

That's a lie, actually. Once again, it's about Chinese kingdoms fighting for control of China."

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ShowGun9011746d ago

Yay! Finally a review that doesn't just take a crap all over the warriors series! I'm getting this today, and knew I'd love it, but its nice to see it get some love from a reviewer! Dw8 IMO is a throwback to double dragon, battle toads and the tmnt arcade games, but with +70 characters and huge interactive maps... What's not to love? Gonna be split screening it up later, hope y'all are too!

Deadpool6161746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. Reviewers usually love taking a dump on Dynasty Warriors games, just because they're not into the gameplay.

I happen to loves these games. One warrior versus an army of thousands will always be fun to me.

despair1745d ago

As someone who never played a Dynasty Warriors game which one would make sense to start with, this one or another?

Andreas-Sword1742d ago

yes, Dynasty Warriors 8 is a must have for alle fans!

Deadpool6161746d ago

The Yellow Turban Rebellion never catches a break.

AhmadCentral1745d ago

Great review.

Dynasty Warriors 8 is the best in the series on PS3.

Master-H1745d ago

Seems cool. i hope it doesn't disappoint when i buy it, because i was not a big fan of the 7th.

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