Saints Row 4 Stars Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Van Dam and More

A list of voice acting talent for Saints Row 4 has been released, and it's intriguing to say the least.

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cleft51773d ago

Volition is certainly going all out, really looking forward to this game and GTA5.

fardan851773d ago

Neil in a Video Game, the game is gonna be legen -wait for it- dary.

I'm playing through SR3, pretty much got half of it down and it's good.

JonnyBigBoss1773d ago

That's a terrific lineup!

Kingnichendrix1773d ago

Haha this is gonna be great, Gta V vs Saints Row 4? Can't wait

Snookies121773d ago

No need for versus on those two. I'm buying both.

cleft51773d ago

This game is going to be insane.

Mr-SellJack1773d ago

holy f*** this game is exciting

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