GTA 5 is "much faster" than GTA 4, won't let you "do crazy things for no reason"

Expect "very intense missions from the start", says Rockstar.

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iamnsuperman1772d ago

I am glad the "won't let you do crazy things for no reason" is more to do with the plot than the free roam element of the game

awi59511772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Well thats the only reason i played GTA3 and all others and thats why GTA 4 sucked ass. Now i know not to buy it there story was wasnt that good to start with and the fun of all the games was making the game and story your own. So its gone in the wrong direction for me so ill skip it thanks for the heads up. They should have made the game just like the Gay tony expansion now thats was a proper GTA game, not crawl up its own ass like GTA 4 did.

xPhearR3dx1772d ago

Apparently, you didn't read the article but rather just the headline. There's a reason why there's an article included. It's there to read.

thorstein1772d ago

As Phear said. Read the article. The exact quote is: "...all of it will be plausible, carefully framed by the plot. You won't see anyone doing crazy things for no reason. "

Says nothing about the sandbox elements of the game. I am sure, just like all GTAs, you can take the protagonist(s) and go do whatever you feel like.

Grap1771d ago

People read the article. i suspect there's Some illiterate people in n4g.

blackmanone1771d ago

Grap: If they could read the title they wouldn't be illiterate :)

Scholla1771d ago

I really liked GTA IV (was I the only one?). I actually hope it plays more GTA 4ish and less of the past GTA's aka Saint Row-ish. I actually like the more realistic, mature overtone approach.

Plus it'll really start to set itself apart from the Saint Row Series, they each can have their own lane and approach the open-world differently.

Now if that is what Rockstar's hinting at...the article wasn't laced with overwhelming details, but I hope that's what they were getting at.

TomSawyer1871771d ago

Reading is hard and takes up to much time... /s

b163o11771d ago

GTA4 was trash, besides the graphical overhaul it was garbage. With that said it didn't stop me from playing it twice. But yeah it was a step back from SanAndreas. But what are you gonna do...? Play saints row? Lol pass..

awi59511771d ago


Yes i played saints row 3 and it was a tie for my game of the year with Skyrim it was that good.

brich2331771d ago

Buy the next Saints Row game that comes out August 20th instead if u think GTA has gone in the wrong direction. I will be getting both.

kupomogli1771d ago


I liked GTA4 as well. Don't really get why people think it's not any good but throw massive praise towards GTA3 and Vice City. What's in those games that you can't do on GTA4? Literally nothing.

The shooting from Scarface the World is Yours was used in all current gen Rockstar games, You can either auto aim and it'll allow you to target body parts, or you can manual aim. In Scarface the World Is Yours there was a benefit for using manual aim.

awi59511771d ago


For one thing you could cause more mehem in the old games without the police showing up. And they made getting away from the police alot harder and they also kill you faster.

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RedHawkX1771d ago

yeah i think they mean they wont have you getting in some circus cannon and getting fired out of it with a dildo or something to beat up some regular street thug.

RedSoakedSponge1771d ago

im sure pretty sure thats a side mission in Saints Row 4... lol

Doctor_Freeman1771d ago

Well you'll still see me doing crazy things for no reason.

dirigiblebill1772d ago

The more I hear, the more I like. Hope it's not too bombastic though, I like to be able to explore without interference early on in an open world game.

anticlimax1772d ago

This is disappointing. There needs to be an element of over-the-top, madness inducing violence and action, both in the story and the free roaming experience. And things that don't really make sense. No one ever explained why there we're gangs of elvis-imitators in GTA2 and yet it was awesome.

49erguy1772d ago

I think Trevor has you covered. I can't wait to play his parts of the game.

HeavenlySnipes1772d ago

That kind of stuff ends up turning into a gimmick (see Saints Row 3)where they try to shove the over the topness down your throat by the beginning.

I think a healthy balance would be to give the player the tools to be creative and do over the top things like steal a jet from the military and start bombing area 51 (San Andreas) but not making it painfully obvious that that is the type of thing they want you to be doing.

anticlimax1771d ago

Stealing a jet and bombing area 51 doesn't sound a lot like

"...all of it will be plausible, carefully framed by the plot. You won't see anyone doing crazy things for no reason. "

now does it?

FragMnTagM1771d ago


This is where reading would do you some good.

Nothing has been written/said that would make me think that there is not going to be some insanely over the top moments in the game.

What they are saying is that everything in the campaign is going to have context as to why you are doing it and that it will be plausible, not impossible.

This isn't Saints Row (great game by the way) and that is a good thing.

There is still going to be crazy ass shit in this game you can bet your ass on that. It will just be in the realm of reality.

Have you even watched any of the trailers?

Also, when you are not doing missions, you will be free to do any crazy things your little mind can think of. It just won't be shoved down your throat ala Saint's Row.

anticlimax1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

edit: read the update, consider me (mostly) reassured

Naturally I hope you're right, it's just that I felt that the balance between crazy-ass-shit (eloquently stated) and realism-immersion kinda ruined GTAIV.

That said, the Trevor character is a good indication that (even in the campaign) there might be some fun to be had. (Though a trailer of funny/mental action would be reassuring)

KwietStorm1771d ago

Have you watched any of the trailers at all? Read any of the previews? Read this article?

shadowmist131772d ago

The 3 Character thing is good and bad,because now you wont get to focus all time into one character,now will have to balance it out.But wat does "You won't see anyone doing crazy things for no reason." mean?Because if they refere to you as player then it means they are taking away freedom.

FragMnTagM1771d ago

What they are saying is that everything in the campaign is going to have context as to why you are doing it and that it will be plausible, not impossible.

This isn't Saints Row (great game by the way) and that is a good thing.

There is still going to be crazy ass shit in this game you can bet your ass on that. It will just be in the realm of reality.

See my comment above...

plaZeHD1772d ago

I don't like the idea of "won't let you do crazy things for no reason". That's the main point of why I love GTA, I love performing over the top actions. If it is grounded in realism it's not GTA anymore.

Soupaman661772d ago

I think they meant unrealistic crazy things like swinging dildos around or wear weird costumes. The article said that the some crazy things will be there but a lot of it is included in the plot of the story. I think they are comparing their game to saints row franchise.

Anon19741771d ago

"If it is grounded in realism it's not GTA"

I disagree. When it comes to story, I thought GTA4 was a masterpiece specifically because it was grounded in realism. This was pure, adult entertainment rivaling some of the best episodes of the Sopranos or the Wire. That's what I loved about GTA4, and one of the reasons this was the first GTA I actually played through to the end after having played all the others.

Rest assured, the mayhem you can create in the open world will remain, but there's nothing wrong with creating characters and stories that are down to earth. You want something more goofy, pick up Saint's Row.

T21770d ago

GTA 4 was a great game but from personal preference, I skipped most of the story missions cinematics in the game and didn't care about the character at all... it needs more customization to feel like your own... like in san andreas your character was fat or skinny or muscular based on what you did with him... it was more connected.
The coming to America to start a new life was a good angle, but not really new or groundbreaking... I think the era approach worked better.. miami vice, hip-hop 90's, I think a 50s Al Capone style GTA would be great.

Anon19741770d ago

You see, and I (and I know I'm in the minority here) didn't like a thing about San Andreas. I tried multiple times to get into that game but it just didn't have the plot and characters that I associate with GTA games. The customization seemed like a complete waste of time to me, I wanted story and characters, and I just didn't feel attached to either with SA. It was too generic, like just some mindless, gang stereotype movie montage.

The characters and story of GTA4 was why I stuck with the game. But for me, story is one of the main reasons I show up for videogames. I've slogged through some pretty terrible games over the year because I've been hooked by the story or characters.

T21769d ago

ya just goes to show how people's preferences work, its all relative.... I can't slog through a bad game because of a character... it needs to be exciting and fun... also thanks for the pm who informed me that Al Capone era is actually the 20's lol...i was only 30 years off.

See for me San Andreas was mindblowing because my friends and I had stated after Vice City "wouldn't a 90's hip-hop/gangsta west coast game be sweet" and boom they delivered it. Notwithstanding some loooong travel distances, I had a great time in san andrea

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