European Devs Cool On Xbox One

GDC Europe survey puts new Microsoft console at the back in developer interest

The Xbox One has apparently failed to inspire the European development community, with Microsoft's divisive new console placing low in the pack in a GDC Europe survey.

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JBSleek1586d ago

I wonder does their outlook change now that Microsoft polices have changed.

Also what a huge percentage to mobile development.

nukeitall1586d ago

Developers outlook changes depending on what platform they can make money on first.

DRM thing only had an impact if and only if, it either contributed to abysmal sales of games, or it created huge profits.

Of course, access is another, but that hasn't stopped devs before on working with consoles!

JokesOnYou1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Yeah indies maybe but again wheres the proof of this in terms of all the regular 3rd party support? If anything devs like Ubisoft seem to be going out of their way to support X1 with interviews about how cloud and kinect will be good for games.

Edit no this is for GDC and excuse me if I dont put too much stock in a survey that says this:

"Tablets and smartphones were comfortable leaders with 61 per cent and 53 per cent respectively."

-A bunch of indie devs confirmed, I like indie devs but there are lots of them trying to make a buck, so naturally they love open platforms like Android and generally since micro has more stringent certification every joe the plumber is less likely to get on xbox platform.

Mike134nl1586d ago

The large discrepancy between the numbers of the xb1 and the ps4 are most likely due to xb1 policy on indie developers(larger number of smaller indie developers).

Also the ps3 has been stronger in Europe compared to the xb360.

DoubleM701586d ago

What are you talking about the 360 has outsoled every console to date in Europe. More misinformation. Go look it up for yourself.

Mike134nl1586d ago

I do believe this is the case in the UK other european countries seem to favour the ps3. Either way to did look it up for you vg chartz estimates +/- 31 m ps3 sold compared to +/-24 m xbox 360 sold in Europe.

pompombrum1586d ago

Never really even looked at the new consoles from a developers perspective and what they ideally want to work with. Then again with the costs of development rising, developers have no choice these days but to do multiplatform releases.

Galletto31586d ago

Thankfully game prices will remain the same next generation, despite that rising cost of development.

Septic1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Ouch...not good at all. Negative PR is one thing but developers not supporting it as strongly as the PS4 should have alarm bells ringing at MS HQ.

pompombrum1586d ago

"We're not excited by the Xbox One, we have decided to make our games exclusive for the ps4 " - said no developer ever. The sad truth is, despite what devs actually think, chances are that they will need to release games on the Xbox One to recoup the development costs and for profit.. Microsoft knows this best.

DoubleM701586d ago

It must be flame XBone day again on here. More propaganda lies.

4logpc1586d ago

Can these "journalists" create articles that aren't made to start war?

These numbers were taken at March...

Septic1586d ago

Ah damn, I didn't notice that.

+Bubs for Well said.

GodGinrai1586d ago

yeah, I just noticed that. But still the real shocker here is that mobile dev stat. not a good sign for consoles period. Consoles are becoming more niche, within gaming and at a faster rate than before.

This is a real problem. Im pretty sure it will have a negative effect on companies choices to make new big budget IP. may seem even riskier going forward than in the past.

Phoenix761586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Just a question, you can PM the answer if u like (lol) but has anyone actually seen how M$ cloud based storage works in action at all? only ask because of the said rumor that this cloud based computing will be the next big thing for consoles. but I have not seen any demo showing this.

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