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Submitted by Outsider-G 940d ago | news

European Developers Target PlayStation 4 Over Xbox One

A survey of European developers conducted ahead of this year's GDC Europe has revealed a number of interesting facts about the future of game development on the continent. (PS4, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   940d ago | Well said
Good job European Developers:)
mewhy32  +   940d ago | Well said
Well the PS3 has always done better in Europe than the xbox 360 did. That being the case this isn't really surprising. But if you want to play hardcore games without having to pay for a spy camera that they don't want.
ShugaCane  +   940d ago
Lots of Indie devs come from Europe. I guess Sony's support of indie gaming has had a huge impact.
Need4Game  +   940d ago | Well said
Good Europe.
georgeenoob   940d ago | Trolling | show
CalvinKlein  +   940d ago | Well said
really> the xbox1 has more exclusives? I think you mean timed exclusive buddy.

Ps4 has actual exclusives that are not made by 3rd parties, better hardware, no children's gimmick web camera for sesame street games, and online that is actually worth paying for, and 100$ cheaper.
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ShugaCane  +   940d ago

There is nothing to contradict in this article. It's a survey. People have been asked questions, people answered. Fact. Try harder.
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Rowdius_Maximus  +   940d ago

You are such a troll, I mean you only have one bubble now??
nukeitall  +   940d ago
Wow, people are to busy arguing that they missed the elephant in the room.

"In terms of next-gen titles currently in development, 13% of respondents said they were working on PlayStation 4 games, compared with 9% working for Xbox One and 5% for Wii U. This trend was mirrored in future intentions as well; 23% of those asked were planning to create a PS4 title next, while 14% were eyeing up the Xbox One and 7% the Wii U."

"Unsurprisingly given the rising cost of game development, the majority of those asked were planning on creating a mobile title next; 66%, to be exact. This was followed by 53% who planned to create a PC title."

Of the developers asked, only 14-23% were planning to create a console game, but 53% were planning PC, and a whopping 66% were going mobile!

So the real question one should ask is, what sort of developers are these?

To me, this indicates a large amount of indie developers gearing for PC and mobiles. Those are the platforms they exist one.

That is hardly representative to discuss PS4 over Xbox One and even more damning is the focus on PC and mobile.

Maybe the headline should have been:

"European Developers Target mobiles and PC Over consoles"

In the end though, developers will target whatever is going to make the profits first!
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GunsAndTheBeast  +   940d ago
And here i am people have been calling me a fanboy, even though i give them facts lol but georgeenoob man.. now that's a REAL fanboy. completely drowned in fanboyism.
abzdine  +   940d ago
@georgeenoob: you have just been restricted yesterday for trolling and what do you do now again you come in and troll :D
maybe this shows how much you are wrong! Now here, hold my hand and come to the darkside, it will be better for you
psyxon  +   940d ago
"the x1 clearly has the most to offer...

More exclusives, t-v integration, and kinect 2.0.."

hahahaha stop. please. i can't take it anymore. my sides hurt.


@nukeitall how do you manage to leave clueless comment after clueless comment everyday? lol. you just completely belittled indie devs. i guess you didn't know companies like naughty dog and sucker punch started out as indie devs, huh? no, you wouldn't know that cause you don't seem to have much knowledge about anything related to the sony/playstation brand. even activision started out as indie (first console indie devs), and look where they are now. so yeah, never write off indies just because you have no knowledge of the history of gaming.

there doesn't have to be 30 indie developers looking to work on consoles. all it takes is one (or two) to blossom into the next naughty dog or sucker punch over the years.
JokesOnYou  +   940d ago
"In terms of next-gen titles currently in development, 13% of respondents said they were working on PlayStation 4 games, compared with 9% working for Xbox One and 5% for Wii U. This trend was mirrored in future intentions as well; 23% of those asked were planning to create a PS4 title next, while 14% were eyeing up the Xbox One and 7% the Wii U.

Unsurprisingly given the rising cost of game development, the majority of those asked were planning on creating a mobile title next; 66%, to be exact. This was followed by 53% who planned to create a PC title."

--A bunch of indie devs confirmed, I like indie devs but there are lots of them trying to make a buck, so naturally they love open platforms like Android/tablets/cell phones and generally since micro has more stringent certification every joe the plumber is less likely to get on xbox platform, they are of course more likely to lean toward other platforms.
Kryptix  +   940d ago
You don't understand, most developers have started with smaller projects then worked themselves up. For example, Minecraft started out on the PC, released on 360 and became successful again making millions. If a majority of Europe wants to make PS4 titles, the developers that have worked on PC and mobile games might also port their games to the PS4. That's because Europe's major console interest is the PS4 and with Sony letting indie developers self publish on the PS4, it's going to get even more games, meaning more sales from the PS4 port. That's 2 places to get profits from and that means we'll be seeing better games being made from the developers.
kupomogli  +   940d ago

Everyone is already well aware that mobile phones and PCs have have more support than consoles. That's old news.

PS4 and Xbox One are the next big console machines so why talk about stuff we already know of?
morganfell  +   939d ago

"...more exclusives..."

Really. Are you actually going to use what you know about the launch so far and make that erred statement? Gamescom and TGS have yet to take place - shows that occur in two places where Sony easily rules over MS?

On top of that, putting that remark out there is asking for it when history is not on your side:
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Andreas-Sword  +   939d ago
PS4 supports cross-platform play with PC
abzdine  +   940d ago
indeed!! And imagine GDC is only a month away :D

Greatness awaits i'm telling you!
GunsAndTheBeast  +   940d ago

PS4 wins. :)
RedHawkX  +   940d ago
Thats the euro league football that im talking about baby! lets go team sony and euro devs.

stomp that american league soccer into the ground.
fardan85  +   940d ago
Like we need extra incentives to get PS4, I'm sold on it already.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   940d ago
great just what we all need, more games for tablets and smartphones

bad numbers for nintendo

and the survey was made before the drm reversal
PunisherRevenge  +   940d ago guys do realize that this survey was taken before Microsoft reversed the X1's policies right?
first1NFANTRY  +   940d ago
next gen may very well be the return of the ps1/ps2 era. everyday i hear about another dev favoring the ps4 over the xbone. M$ have an uphill battle ahead of them.
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JBSleek  +   940d ago
Isn't that what happened with Xbox 360 and PS3.

They both will be fine.
HammadTheBeast  +   940d ago
Yes, but PS3 dropped the ball hard early on, and payed for it by getting outsolf for 4-5 years. Now, they've recovered and beaten 360. As you say, both will be fine, I just like the competition.
S2Killinit  +   940d ago
that's true they both will be fine and I don't think PS4 will be as successful as PS2 but I think they are going to leave xbox one way behind. The negative backlash to xbox wasn't something that happened over night when Microsoft revealed a Gaming console without games. It was years in the making. Xbox core gamers (whether they admit or not, or even whether they know it or not) were a bit disappointed with xbox's core gaming support since the second half of the generation when MS pretty musch dwindled down support for gamers in favor of focusing on casuals and kinect. So these fans where eagerly waiting for Xbox to return to them with the next system and instead they got MS announcing a GAMING system bundled with kinect and ignoring anything to do with gaming plus restrictions. Microsoft miss calculated their fans disappointment and it bit them. So I think even though Xbox will be just fine, they have a difficult path ahead of them.
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EXVirtual  +   940d ago
If Sony lock Japanese 3rd party exclusives (which I think they'll do later on), then yes, it is.
Death  +   940d ago
Both the PS3 and Xbox360 were PowerPC based with the PS3 being much more complex to program for. I can understand how a developer would choose one over the other this last gen. With the PS4 and XboxOne sharing the same basic architecture I'm surprised to see any third parties "choosing" a platform.
stage88  +   940d ago
Glad to hear it, can't wait to see what they produce.
JBSleek  +   940d ago
Only by a small margin and this was before the DRM reversal.

I think the biggest thing to look at here is the massive mobile development.
SymphonicRain  +   940d ago
You mean the DRM that would've helped them make more money? Remember that developers would be in favor of DRM. And there were still more on Sonys platform.
wishingW3L  +   940d ago
that's an epic spin. XD
killerips   940d ago | Spam
Tyre  +   940d ago
Leave the 24% of the worldwide games market that is mobile/tablets out of the equation and the title is correct, Europe console dev favors PS4 over Xb1, but it seems Europe dev accounts for a very small slice of the worldwide console/pc market that is the biggest. 76% of worldwide gamers are playing on consoles/pc. Very revealing. Most europe dev can't afford/have the expertise to make AAA console/pc games. Anyways this article is more trolling than relevant.
#6 (Edited 940d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
FrigidDARKNESS  +   940d ago
I would say that this survey that was conducted was skewd towards Indie developers.
CGI-Quality  +   940d ago
And the issue is? Indie developers have always been the bread-and-butter of Sony's support. What do you think Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games, for example, were before becoming subsidiaries of SCEi?
Death  +   940d ago
Independant developers and "indie" developers in this sense are not the same. Most independant developers are third party devs and have publishing partners they work with. Some work with Microsoft Publishing, others Sony, EA, Ubi, etc. Bungie is now an independant third party developer. This is not the "indie" scene that is popular in todays bs debates. The indie buzzword is being thrown around to describe developers that are more hobbyist selling games for next to nothing on marketplace, PSN, itunes, etc. that can't afford to go through a publisher or in some cases get a deal with a publisher.
CGI-Quality  +   939d ago
@ Death: False (as an Indie myself, I can tell you there's more to it). Each of these devs are just like they were in the past. You just have some who've committed to a publisher (such as Quantic Dream) and others who haven't.

Not much difference at all.
KillrateOmega  +   940d ago
So? Even if it was, what's wrong with indie devs?
Rockstar_5  +   940d ago
I sorta agree with this
sAVAge_bEaST  +   940d ago
Yes, Dice prefers, the Ps4.. EA prefers M$ money.
vigilante_man  +   940d ago
Survey was before the XB1 180 on DRM..
G20WLY  +   940d ago
Agreed. But how is that relevant? If anything it would have benefitted MS during the survey as developers make more money with DRM enforced.

So I think your point is that this would be even more in Sony's favour if they did it again post-MS180, in which case you make a good point!
danny818  +   940d ago
Funny how you can relate to those relationships
b777conehead  +   939d ago
the old ms drm would favor devs. so whats your point
Petebloodyonion  +   940d ago
Sight again a misleading article trying to prove Sony's dominance in the top Story.

Hurrah let's celebrate the 5% difference between both console (14% to 9%) in development now.

But it's get better WOW!! 23% vs 14% think about doing a game

Of course let's not talk about the fact that 66% of them think that their next project will be a mobile/tablets game

And let's sure not remind the ppl here about how mobile game and such isn't consider areal game to N4G community.

Again my point isn't against Sony or MS but just stating the fact that N4G as really become desperate with theses kind of article always making the headline while leaving to the bottom real gaming news.

Magic prediction of the day: By the time you read this, N4G's headlines will be: a article about a dev saying how ps4 is better. A screw up from MS, a article about how ps4 is sold out at xxxx, this article and a article about how X game will take power of the ps4.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   940d ago
Could not agree more.
mochachino  +   940d ago
Hope they utilize its additional power.
PSX04  +   940d ago
that's the right thinking from any developer who want to succeeded in gaming bisnis
Rockstar_5  +   940d ago
Wow really settle down kids It was One developer and I wouldn't worry too much about it as half these articles are trolled ones( or more likely Indies game devs for sure)

Both Consoles will be epic get over your arguments Ps4 and ain't better then Xbox One and so goes the same with Xbox one
#13 (Edited 940d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
baodeus  +   940d ago
so if indie developer are equally important, how come no one count those indie games on xbox live as game then when talk about exclusives? NONE OF YOU regard indie games as game until now, so why suddenly they are so important?

The legit Sony fan are dying off or something. I don't see how any one can respect the Sony Fan currently.
#14 (Edited 940d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Rockstar_5  +   939d ago
There aren't true Sony fans bro these are left overs from the Xbox360 era and by the looks of it the troublemakers trolling these threads with ignorance

Both Consoles are awesome final now give up it up
talisker  +   939d ago
Why would European devs want to make games for less than half of the continent?
TheSaint  +   939d ago
Every day it's more and more negativity for the Xbox, it's almost becoming a joke.
TheSaint  +   939d ago
Lol at phantom disagrees, if you disagree tell me why, if you have the words use them.

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